The Kidnapping

Jason McCann runs away until he can get his name cleared over the recent murder he has been accused of doing, which makes it easier for his girlfriends father to kidnap her and make her pay for the hurt she caused him. It's down to her brother and his best mate to try and contact Jason to help get her back, will they get hold of him or will they have to risk it by themselves?


17. Alone at last

*Annas's P.O.V* 


Ok so the plan is;

step one: Hannah will ask the guys if they can take her on a tour around the city 

step two: pretend to fall asleep in the car 

step three: Jason will carry my to the bedroom (I know he will because he always does it) 

step four: "wake up" so I can go put on my new underwear and ask Jason if he will lay with me 

step five: well...I'll leave that for you to imagine ;)



We get in the car and Hannah and I exchange a look whilst I sit next to Jason, well, more like on him haha.

"Guys, can you give me a tour of London?" here we go, the plan has begun!

I fake yawn "Yeah, lets go now! It's so beautiful at this time of night, especially the London eye, Big Ben etc." I rub my eyes insinuating that I'm tired

"Anna, you look shattered. Let's go some other time" she responds

"No, no. I want to show you around!" I yawn again. 

"Okay, well what if you stay home and he guys take me round?"

"yeah, that's actually-" I get cut off by my rude boyfriend

"hold up. Anna you are not staying home by yourself! I'll stay with you" Jason responds, here we go!! :D

"wait why do you get to stay with her? You're not the only one who's missed her!!" Harley says back.

"I want to spend time with her!" Jason states and I can sense that he's getting angry so I kiss his cheek and he calms down

"well I've missed my twin! It's bad for twins to be apart for so long!" That's not strictly true but I know what he means

"bullshit!" They continue to argue and I zone out, this was not meant to happen.

A couple if minutes pass and I've had enough. "Enough!" I scream, I crawl over to Harley

and hug him "I'll spend time with you tomorrow. Ok?" And kiss his cheek

He sighs "ok" and kisses me on the cheek back I climb back over to Jason and pretend to fall asleep.

10  minutes later I feel myself being lifted out of the car "bye guys" Jason says and carrys me to the door whilst being hit with the shopping bags, I slowly open my eyes and say "hey"

"You were faking  to be asleep weren't you?" He smirks at me. 

"How'd you know"

"Babe, I've known you for years. And you've done this before. So what's your reason this time?" 

"You'll see" I smirk "just take me upstairs" he takes me upstairs and I tell him to stay out of the room. I go to the bag from Ann Summers and change into the lingerie.

I check my hair and make-up and head towards the door. I slowly open it and I see Jason facing the other way so I cough he turns around and I smirk. He stands there with his mouth open for a few seconds. "In there. Now" and he rushes me into the room. Once the door closes he pushes me against the door and roughly makes out with me. Let the teasing commence.

I reach my hand to the back of his head and pull on his hair which makes him moan he lifts me up so my legs are around his waist and I grind into him which again makes him moan. God I want him so bad! Wait what?! Focus Anna! He walks me to the bad and lays me down and he rips his shirt over his head and climbs onto me and starts grinding on me. I flip us over so I'm on top and go to kiss his neck. I go straight for his sweet spot and begin sucking on it, hard. I pull away knowing I left a mark.

"Damn baby girl, you marked me good" I put my finger on his lips

"Shhhh. I'm in control" I press my forehead to his so our noses are touching

"okay baby, but just so you know. When its my turn...well, lets just say you wont be walking for a while" he smirks. Dammit Jason! why say those things!? you're throwing me off my game!

I kiss down his neck onto his chest and down between his 8 pack to his belt and I undo it and pull his shorts down. He never takes his eyes off me as I put my hands on the top of his boxers, which have gotten very tight and position myself so I'm straddling him. He looks at me in confusion as he expected me to remove his boxers. Instead I move my right hand to my pants and slide my hand down and start fingering myself. Jason looks at me in shock and amazement as I continue. So I think I'll tease him some more.

"Oh Jason you're really missing out"

"Fuck baby! Why do this to me!?" he asks I continue to moan his name until I release. I take my fingers out and, just to wind him up, I lick them clean. He continues to stare as I climb off him and lay down next to him.

"Well, goodnight Jason" I face away knowing I can't keep a straight face.

"What? You CAN'T do that to me Anna!" he rolls me on my back and straddles me.

"Well, you deserve it! You left me for months! So I decided to get payback" I smirk. He leans close to me face and moves his head to my ear.

"Now you've been a bad girl for teasing me like that so now I'm going to have to punish you" he kisses my neck and sucks on my sweet spot which causes me to moan, he sucks harder and harder ensuring to leave a mark. He then travels all the way down, the way I did to him, only he doesn't stop at my panties, he pulls them down with his teeth and throws them to the side. He has one hand rubbing my clit and the other unhooking my bra, he presses his lips to mine and swallows all of my moans. He throws my bra to the side and moves back down so his face is at my sex. I feel his breath on me and before I have the chance to beg him, he presses his face into me and eats me out, shoving his tongue in as far as he can, I pull at his hair, he reaches his hand up to my boob and starts massaging it whilst the other is put in me along with his mouth, I release within seconds because it feels to good. He comes back up and kisses me on the lips, and reaches for the draw and gets out the condom, he tears it open with his teeth and puts it on with ease. 

"I know its been a while and normally I would say if it hurts tell me and I'll slow down but I don't think I will be able to this time baby" he says and I believe him 100% last time I teased him like that he couldn't stop or slow down and it hurt but in a good way.

I lean to his ear and whisper seductively "who says I want you to stop" and with that he thrusts into me really hard.

"Oh my god! Jason!" he goes deeper and deeper with each thrust.

"Faster Jason! Oh my god!"

"That's right baby, scream my name!" he goes harder and deeper. I wrap my legs around his waist so that I can feel him go deeper with each thrust

"Oh god Anna, I'm so close!" he cries. "Say my name baby" 

"Jason. Jase- OH MY GOD!" I cry as we release at the same time. he pulls out and throws the condom in the bin and lays down next to me and pulls the covers over me and kisses my forehead. "I love you" I whisper then yawn

"I love you too" he shuts off the lights and as I snuggle up to him I fall asleep.





A/N I know, I know. and I am so sorry for taking so long but I had camp and I've been doing a photography job at home, which I'm still doing and I've tried to make it a really good chapter so I would love it if you commented letting me know what you guys think. And now that I'm back from camp I am going to be updating more often I promise!!!! If you have any ideas for this story then add me on kik: penny_love_justin or add me on snapchat if you want a laugh: Tardis88 :* love you guys!

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