Kara-Grace Winters is a transfer. She has friends. But that won't be all she needs. After abandoning her family to go somewhere she doesn't belong, she is going to need some special skills or she will end up factionless.


2. Chapter Two

us rattles along the bumpy road. Matthew sits next to me. "Kara-Grace. Will you come with me to Dauntless?"

I look up at him. His green eyes are on mine, his hands gripping my own. I am desperate to leave Abnegation. "Of course. I never want to leave you." He bends down and kisses me fiercely.

The bus jerks to a stop. Taking Matthew's hand and my bag, I drag us off the bus. His house lies just down the road. All the house on the Abnegation are the same. Grey painted brick. Perfect green lawn. White picket fence. Path of dark rocks leading to a wooden porch.

"Will your parents be home?"

"No." He grinned. "Come on."

He pulled me up the stairs and into his bedroom. We throw our bags onto the floor.

Matthew pushes me against the wall. His lips are against mine again. We ignored the bang of the door down.His fingers found their way behind my back and he backed over to the bed, our lips still locked.

He slipped my t-shirt off and I his. When I was half way done a knock sounded on the bedroom door. Matthew breaks the connection between us and mutters under his breath.

"Fuck. Get behind the bed." I hear the authority in his voice and my shirt follows me out of sight. I listen intently to the conversation.

"Mother, how are you." This was expected. Faction customs.

"Fine, thank you. And yourself."

"Just brilliant."

"Is Kara-Grace here?"

"Yes. She is in the bathroom."

"Alright. When she's done come down for some afternoon tea." The door clicked shut and footsteps disappeared in the direction of the stairwell.

"You can come out now." His voice is softer now.

"That was close."

"Yea." He pulls on his t-shirt and so do I. His fingers intertwine with mine and we go down stairs.

When I head off to my own home, Matthew pulls me aside and whispers in my ear. "Next time I see you, we'll both be Dauntless initiates." I nod and peck him on the lips before making my way into the darkness that has now gathered.


I can't find him as the Abnegation crowds into an elevator. We are put into an alphabetical line and are about as far from each other as you can get. The adults are split into their factions. Abnegation in the middle. To the far right sit a sea of black also known as the Dauntless. The far left seats the Erudite. Next to the Erudite is the Amity and the Candor between Abnegation and Dauntless. A semi-circle stage with a round bench holding five bowls. The first holds burning coals for Dauntless. Glass for Candor, grey stones for Abnegation. The Amity, soil and Erudite, water. My eyes flicker from the coals to the stones. Blood drops onto them but I ignore it.

A name catches my attention. "Matthew Lindsey." He steps forward. He takes a knife from his father, who is doing the announcing. He does not hesitate. Swiftly, he sliced his palm and his blood sizzled on the coals.

I search the front row of Abnegation for Maia, his mother, and see a look of disbelief on her face.

My turn arrives to soon. I take the knife from Matthew's father and eyes flicker from the stones to the coals. It feels wrong but I am going to be with Matthew. Everything will be ok. My blood sizzles as Matthews did.

My eyes sweep the Abnegation and settle on my father, Tobias. He has an understanding look on his face and nods at me. Unlike my mother who glares in front of her. I don't blame her.

Matthew kisses me and I feel like sparks are flying. We are together. We are Dauntless.

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