Kara-Grace Winters is a transfer. She has friends. But that won't be all she needs. After abandoning her family to go somewhere she doesn't belong, she is going to need some special skills or she will end up factionless.


3. Chapter Three

survived the train. I was second to last to jump. They asked me what my name was. I knew they would laugh at Kara-Grace and I hated that name anyway. "Kara." I had said. Matthew had jumped last, after me.
Well, actually, Matt. He must have been thinking the same way.

Today is the first day of initiation. To be honest, I'm a bit nervous. People keep calling me 'Stiff' but I've made a few friends. I'd say that I'm closest to Sophie London a transfer from Erudite but over the past two days I have become good friends with Anna and Maia Hill, identical twins from Amity. The five of us walk down the corridor after Jason, the Dauntless member who was training us.

The room we entered was separated into three parts. The first was full of punching bags and dummy's. The second had a target range. An arena with tiered seating sat in the third. Jason turned to face our group.

"We will start with weapons today. You may choose from a gun, a bow and arrow or throwing knives. Find a target and a weapon and begin."

A few boys went straight for the barrel of guns. Matt and I take some knives and position ourselves at the end of the row of targets. Sophie, Anna and Maia join us, each with bows.

I draw my hand back, focusing on the center of the target. My hand comes forward and back again. This time, when it goes forward it pierces the air and lodges in the target with a clunk, millimeters from the bullseye.



Matt threw his with ease and it hits the center. I see a grin creep onto his face.

I fling my arms around his neck, hugging him tight.

Firm hands pull my hands from around him and I stumble backwards, realizing I still had my knives in my hand. I must have cut Matthew's throat.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Jason screams.

The door we came in through creaks open and a tall muscly blonde appears in the room.

"What seems to be the problem here?"

Jason obviously didn't except it and stuttered. 
"S-s-sir! Your... your not supposed to be here until... this afternoon."

Martin raises his eyebrows at Jason. "Are you trying to tell me how to do my job?"

"N-no, of- of course not, sir."

Martin loses his patience and thunders. "Well! I asked you what the problem was!!!"

That turned Jason on. "Kara tried to kill Matt, sir."

"And which one of you is Kara?"

I put my hand up. The blonde's eyes meet mine and they soften, his face lighting up.

"Is this true, Kara?"

"No. Jason is exaggerating the facts. I was trying to hug him but Jason pulled my arms away."

I look back to Matt a see his hand clutching his throat and blood beginning to seep between them. I dropped the knives and realized what I had done. I'd cut his throat.

I wrapped my arms around him again and looked up desperately. "We need to get him to the hospital!"

The blonde starts towards us. "I will take him myself. Meanwhile, I suggest you get back to your training." 
He lead Matt off.

"Well that was... different."

I cross my arms across my chest and sarcasm is clear in my voice. "Really? How was that different?" I raise my eyebrows.

Jason obviously didn't notice the sarcasm. "Usually, when you try to kill another initiate, you'll usually get kicked out. If you succeed you'd get thrown into the chasm." He frowned. "But, Martin has made his decision and I have no right to question it."

"You really need to learn about sarcasm." I turn around and start shooting a gun. "Maybe I could teach you someday!"


Hey guys!
So I hope you enjoyed this chapter! And I am feeling extra nice today so I am going to add an extra! In Matt's P.O.V! The rest of the story will be in Kara's P.O.V unless I say so! So yea, enjoy!

Matt's P.O.V

I glance at the clock beside my hospital bed, blinking in the glare of the light. 7:30. The doctor said I could speak at 7. I looked over at the blonde man slumped in a chair beside me, gazing off into the distance.

"Your awake."

I swing my legs over the edge of the bed. "Who are you?" I demand.

He smiles. "Martin Hawthorne. One of the leaders here in Dauntless. But members and intiates address me as "sir" as should you."

"I don't care who you are. Dauntless leader or not. I saw the way you looked at her. The way your face lit up when you saw her. Kara is mine. And if you get between us, you'll be sorry." I stride out of the room, my head held high. But not before I heard his voice after me.

"We'll have to see about that."

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