Kara-Grace Winters is a transfer. She has friends. But that won't be all she needs. After abandoning her family to go somewhere she doesn't belong, she is going to need some special skills or she will end up factionless.


1. Chapter One

I glance around at the other girls and boys my age. We sit in a cold, blank room with five white picnic styled tables, girls and boys in red, yellow, blue, black and white. The kids at my table are in grey as well as the few adults who stand around. Our table is the first in the row. We are all Abnegation. Then there is the black Dauntless. You have the Amity in red and yellow. Erudite in blue and finally Candor in black and white. Another Abnegation volunteer, Natalya (my mum) comes through a door and stands in front of the row of tables. Everyone falls silent. She calls out eight names then turns towards my table. "Matthew Lindsey and Kara-Grace Winters." Mathew stands up beside me, his hand in mine. We head towards the door that my mum came through behind the kids from other factions. We find the doors marked 7 and 8 before checking to see if my mum was looking. Matthew wraps his arms around me and tucks my brown hair behind my ear. I tilt my head up and his lips come in contact with mine. "Goodluck." 

Matthew disappears from my view and I step into a room lined with mirrors. I stare at myself. Its hard to remember the last time I saw my reflection. Probably the last time it rained which was months ago. A figure in red and yellow blocks my view.

"Kara-Grace?" I nod. "I'm Sara. Would you come and take a seat please." She gestures to a dentist style chair. I inch nervously towards the chair and slide in, my body tense. "Just relax, honey." Wires are attached to my body with suction cups. I close my eyes, trying to think of positive things. I feel an elongated prick in the side of my neck. I sit as still as I can, willing my panic not to show. I feel myself getting lighter and fall asleep.

My first thought is where am I. I look at my surroundings and establish that I am outside but there is no wind. Peering closer I see I am surrounded by glass. A crack thunders through the enclosed space. I peer up and see the glass disintegrating above me. In front of me is a table with two it bags on it. A backpack labeled food and a bag full of weapons. Just over the top I can see a pack of angry looking wolves to my left and to my right a group of starving pups. The decision isn't hard to make. As the last bits of grass disappear, one of the bags is slung over my shoulder and I am sprinting towards the pups.

I tip the contents onto the ground and a collection of food tumbles out. Apples, cheese, crackers, meats. A feast fit for a king. I don't indulge in the meal but the pups are all over it. I have bigger problems. The pack of wolves is hurtling towards me. I scramble to my feet and pound away from them as fast as my feet will allow. Darkness begins to cloud my vision. Dropping to the ground, all my senses are cut off.

"Its you or them. Who is going to die?" I see my parents and Matthew sitting around a table with an empty seat. They seem to be deep in conversation which is unusual. I slip into the empty seat and my place is magically set for me. I have no cutlery. Only a plate with a gun on it. So this what the voice meant. I have to kill. Gunshot fills the air as my limp body drops to the ground.

"I take it your alright." an Amity woman is bent over me. 
"Would you like to know your results?"

I stare up at her. What is she doing? Oh, right. My aptitude test results. "Umm... sure."

"You are Abnegation."

I don't let on my feelings. I thank her and quickly exit the room. This is great. I am a true 'Stiff'. 

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