Will my dreams ever come true?

I'm writing a One Direction fanfiction about a girl who's 17 years old called Sophia. In the story her mother died, her brothers away off to University and her Dad is becoming very ill. She has a massive crush on Niall Horan, her dream is to go see him and the other lads in concert. Her mum had planned to buy her tickets to go see One Direction as she is such a big fan, but sadly she died so she never got the chance to.


9. The Drive Home

                                                         Niall's Pov

I think I have fell in love with her, ive not even know her for that long, I don't even know her name!, but she is so beautiful I just wish she could be mine!

''Hey'' she said walking back down the corridor

''Hey, I didn't catch your name'' I said nervously

''oh, im so sorry how rude of me, my name is Sophia'' she said sounding embarrassed.

''That's a beautiful name''

''Thanks'' she said beginning to blush

She looked so cute wearing my clothes, I would love to tell her but it would sound so cheesy, she would probably get freaked out. I finally snapped back to reality.

''so are you ready to go my love'' I asked

''Yep'' she replied

 We walked out the door, I quickly locked it then walked to the car. I opened her door for her so she could get in ''Thanks'' she said while hoping in the car. I walked round to the other side and got in. I started the engine and began driving to Sophia's.

''I'm a big fan of One Direction, but you have always been my favourite ever since the x factor, I was actually a fan of you when you were solo to'' she said blushing slightly.

''Aw Thanks Sophia, it means a lot that you've said that''

''No need to thank me I'm just speaking the truth'' she giggled

I giggled to, ''So how long have you lived in London?'' I asked

''Well actually yesterday was my first day, my brother invited me to live with him in London for a while. I jumped at the chance knowing that you and the other lads live here.''

''ok, well its good that you get to stay in London for a bit, your brother sounds really nice''

''Yeah he is, we get along so well some people find it unusual as they just fight with their siblings but me and Luke never fight.''

''Its good that you have such a close relationship with your brother.''

''yeah, oh that's his house there'' she said pointing to a house. ''Thanks again for everything Niall.''

''No bother''  I replied. She was about to get out the car. ''W...wait, do you maybe wanna swap numbers you know so we can text and that?'' I was so nervous in case she'd say no and walk  away.

''Of course I'd love to'' she said, I felt a wave of relief flow through me. We swapped numbers. ''I'll talk to you soon Sophia, hopefully we can meet up soon.''

''Talk soon Niall, and yeah I'd love that!!''



Who's liking the story so far?, ive got a great idea's for the next few chapters they will hopefully be up soon :)!xx



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