Will my dreams ever come true?

I'm writing a One Direction fanfiction about a girl who's 17 years old called Sophia. In the story her mother died, her brothers away off to University and her Dad is becoming very ill. She has a massive crush on Niall Horan, her dream is to go see him and the other lads in concert. Her mum had planned to buy her tickets to go see One Direction as she is such a big fan, but sadly she died so she never got the chance to.


26. Sobs and sorrys

                                                        Hannah's Pov 

It's been 20 minutes since Sophia went running out the room to chat to Niall, but surely they 've finished talking by now! I was beginning to get bored of the film anyway so I thought I might as well check if she's alright! 

"Soph?" I shouted while knocking on the door, I thought I'd be a bit rude if I just barged in especially if they were in the middle of a conversation. But there was no answer? 

"Soph?" Still no answer 

"Soph? R u ok?" I called for third time 

Still no answer, I opened the door

There she was just sitting in the corner of the bedroom her face in a pillow, crying her eyes out. I walked over and sat down beside her.

''Soph what's wrong?'' I asked

''H..he's gone, he hates me, its over'' she sobbed

''What Niall?'' I asked totally confused as I didn't think Niall would ever do that

''He t..thought I was cheating on him, w..w..with the guy in h...holister'' she cried

''Why would he think that?''


''Surely Niall's smart enough to know that paparazzi would do that'' I said

''Well clearly he isn't!'' she screamed/cried

''Look I'll call him, and tell him it was all just a misunderstanding'' I said

''Don't he made it clear he wants nothing to do with me'' she said continuing to sob in her pillow

I sighed and walked out the room.


                                                                Nialls Pov

I slammed my laptop shut! Why just why would she do that I screamed inside my head. I was honestly a wreck were only on our seventh show and I'm already exhausted! And I've been having a few mood swings, I just don't know what's got into me. I've been missing Sophia like mad ever since I left and now she's never gonna want to see me again! I've ruined everything. 


I just sat on my bed with my head in my hands, I can't believe it I think I've just lost the love of my life, my whole world! But she was chatting up a cashier, I just don't get why'd she'd do that? But then again I should know what paparazzi is like, they edit anything and everything just to make some juicy gossip. 


All my thoughts suddenly slipped my mind when my phone began to ring, I looked over at the caller id it was Hannah

"Niall?" Hannah asked


"It's Soph" 

"What's happened? Is she ok?" 

"What have you said, you have that girl in tears!" She asked concerned

"I wanted to know why she was chatting up another guy" I said still confused why'd she'd do that

"Niall she didn't chat up any stupid guy, it was the other way around Soph was just there to pay for her stuff" 

"B...but the videos?" 

"Ni come on, you should know what paparazzi is like! And you should know what Soph is like she'd never cheat on you!" 

"Yeah your right, I should have believed Sophia and shouldn't have fallen for the paparazzi's lies" 

"I've gotta go, you should phone Soph let her know your sorry for not believing her" 

"Yeah, thanks Han" 

"No problem, bye ni" 

"Bye" I hung up the phone and quickly scrolled through my contacts to Sophs I clicked call and patiently waited for her to pick up the phone. 



"What do you want" she sobbed 

"To apologize, I should have never of jumped to conclusions! I should have known what paparazzi are like, and most of all i should have believed you" 

"but you said you didn't want anything to do with me" she said

"i was just shocked and upset, please forgive me Soph I love you so much! I can't loose you!" I said with  tears forming my eyes 

"I love you to Ni, and I'm sorry to" she said, "now go have fun doing what you love best" 

"sh*t the show, i had Completely forgot"  

She giggled, "go get ready then I'll talk to you later"

"ok love you, bye" i said

"Love you too" 


Hey guys, sorry it's kinda a long chapter! Hope you like it :) 








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