Will my dreams ever come true?

I'm writing a One Direction fanfiction about a girl who's 17 years old called Sophia. In the story her mother died, her brothers away off to University and her Dad is becoming very ill. She has a massive crush on Niall Horan, her dream is to go see him and the other lads in concert. Her mum had planned to buy her tickets to go see One Direction as she is such a big fan, but sadly she died so she never got the chance to.


4. Packing

I am so excited to be going to London, I still can't get over the fact that i will be living in the same city as One Direction :D :D :D

Oh i completely forgot to mention that my best friend Hannah moved near London 2 years ago, we have been besties ever since we were in nursery but sadly she had to move away because her mum had got a job promotion.

Hannah was always there for me, we had our ups and downs but we never had a proper fights, it would always be silly arguments but we would make up after about 10 minutes. I'll have to text her to tell her about me moving to London.

(Sophia green, Hannah Pink)

Hey x

Hey, omg not spoke in ages! xx

ikr!, how r u? xx

im gd, wbu? xx

im great, ive got good news :Dxx

thats gd, and what is it :)! xx

im moving to london :D!! xx

Omg thats amazing, that means we will be living close to each other :)!x

yip :Dx

Can't wait to see you again Sophia :)!!xx

i know you to not seen you since last year :)x

ikr, it will be good to catch up :)xx

defo, i gtg talk later? bye xx

bye :)!x

''Sophia, come up stairs lets get packing''

''ok, just coming'' i said whilst running up the stairs

''what suitcase do you want to take your purple one or your pink?'' my dad asked

''My Purple cause thats bigger and its my favourite colour'' i said giggling

my dad giggled while unzipping my suitcase. i opened my wordrobe i wasn't really sure what to pack. I began packing all my favourite One Direction t shirts and some Niall ones. I also packed other t shirts that i had gotten from New Look, Primark etc

I packed a few pairs of shorts, jeans and all my underwear and socks. i packed my tolitery bag along with my favourite teddy, my mum got me it for my birthday one year it has a picture of all the family on the stomach and each time you press the hand it would say one of the family memebers catchphrases i love it so much cause it reminds me of when my family was perfect!.





Hey, i hope you've liked my story so far im working on the new chapter. i need some name ideas for Harry's girlfriend, Zayns Girlfriend and someone to be Hannah's other friend (later on in story) so just comment your name and who you want to be :)!xx



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