Will my dreams ever come true?

I'm writing a One Direction fanfiction about a girl who's 17 years old called Sophia. In the story her mother died, her brothers away off to University and her Dad is becoming very ill. She has a massive crush on Niall Horan, her dream is to go see him and the other lads in concert. Her mum had planned to buy her tickets to go see One Direction as she is such a big fan, but sadly she died so she never got the chance to.


18. News

                                                         Louis's Pov

After getting kicked out of Toys R Us - apparently were not aloud to play with trolleys! We were told we had to go have a word with Paul.

''Guys do you have any idea why Paul wants to have a word with us?'' I asked clearly clueless

''Not a clue'' Harry said

''Possibly the fact that its going to be all over the news - One Direction Members Get Trolley Crazy!'' Liam said, giggling at his comment

''Umm Niall?'' Sophia said rather quietly

''Yes Babe?'' Niall replied

''I should probably get home, my brother will be worried about me cause I forgot to text or call him last night as my phone died!''

''Ok princess, I'll drive you the now'' Niall said

''Thanks'' said Sophia

We all go into our separate cars - Liam, Harry and Zayn in one car and Sophia, Niall and I in the other one. ''We'll meet you at Pauls'' Liam shouted from his car

''Okay dokey'' Niall shouted back

We drove to Sophia's brothers, ''Thank you very much - I had such an amazing time'' Sophia said as Niall opened the car door for her.

''I'm glad you did, i'll txt you later yeah?'' Niall said/ asked

''Sure, Love you bye'' Sophia said

''Love you to princess'' Niall said while leaning in for a kiss

''EWWWW GET A ROOM'' I screamed from the car

They both giggled as they went their separate ways

Niall and I drove to Pauls, When we got their Paul was already talking.

''Oh guys here you are, I've got some news to tell you all, Umm the tour is starting three months earlier than its suppose to so we will be leaving in three days...............




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