Will my dreams ever come true?

I'm writing a One Direction fanfiction about a girl who's 17 years old called Sophia. In the story her mother died, her brothers away off to University and her Dad is becoming very ill. She has a massive crush on Niall Horan, her dream is to go see him and the other lads in concert. Her mum had planned to buy her tickets to go see One Direction as she is such a big fan, but sadly she died so she never got the chance to.


6. London

I woke up to a guy waving in my face, ''the planes landed'' he said

''oh, am sorry I hadn't noticed''

I got my stuff and quickly got off the plane, that's when everyone was pointing and laughing at me I was so confused at first but then I noticed it was my hair it was a mess, it was sticking up in every direction you could think of.

I was looking for Luke but I couldn't see him anywhere so I decided to go to the bathroom and try fix my hair as much as possible. I entered the bathroom, some people gasped while others gave me strange looks. I walked over to the mirror and tried to fix my hair but it wasn't working, I wish I brought my hair spray I thought, it would make this a lot easier. I eventually gave up, I walked out and seen Luke.


''Hey, where have you been? ive been looking for you for ages!''

''Trying to fix my hair'' I sighed

''Here, put this on'' he handed me his beanie

''Thanks Luke'' I said happily

We walked out the airport and into his car, I opened the car door and hopped in, while Luke put my luggage in the boot.



''Can we pretty please listen to One Direction''?

''Haha, of course pass me the cd''

I opened my handbag and took the Take Me Home album out, I handed the disc to Luke. He put it in the Cd player and Live While Were Young began to play. We both sang along to it.


Hey girl, I'm waitin' on ya, I'm waitin' on ya
 Come on and let me sneak you out
 And have a celebration, a celebration
 The music up, the windows down


Yeah, we'll be doing what we do
 Just pretending that we're cool
 And we know it too
 Yeah, we'll keep doing what we do
 Just pretending that we're cool
 So tonight


Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun
 I know we only met but let's pretend it's love
 And never, never, never stop for anyone
 Tonight let's get some
 And live while we're young
 Woahhh oh oh oh
 Woahhhh oh oh oh
 And live while we're young
 Woahhh oh oh oh
 Tonight let's get some


And live while were young!


Luke pulled up his driveway, he turned off the cd player and gave me my cd. I put it in its case then go out the car and got my luggage from the boot. I can't believe I am living in London the same city as One Direction the thought kept replaying in my head.

I got out the car and grabbed my luggage from the boot, Luke unlocked his door and we both walked in.

''So, Where do I sleep?'' I asked

''Upstairs and turn right''

''Ok Thanks''

I walked up stairs dragging my suitcase behind me, I walked over to my room turned the handle on the door.

I gasped Luke had decorated my room. There was 1D wallpaper, 1D lampshade, 1D bedding, 1D pictures hanging on the wall. There was also a purple dresser with a selection of different perfumes (including Our Moment/ That Moment), There was loads of lovely jewellery and makeup.

''OMG!!!!, THANK YOU SO MUCH LUKE!!!'' i squealed

''No bother, im glad you like it'' he giggled

''I don't just like it i LOVE IT!''

He giggled, I decided to unpack i walked over to the wardrobe and opened it, There was already clothes in it?

I had a look through the clothes, they were lovely!!. He must of spent a fortune on me!!, I was so grateful I can't believe he did all this for me.

I went downstairs to thank him, i spotted him cooking something.

''Thank you so much!!, I love everything!!'' i said while hugging him

''It was your surprise, im glad you like it'' he said while hugging me back

''I love it, Thank you so much your the best big brother in the world!''

''Oh here's your beanie'' i said while pulling it off my head

''You can keep it if you want, you never know when you'll have another bad hair day'' he giggled

''Heyyyy its not my fault, there isn't much positions you can sleep in when on a plane :p'' i wined.

''haha, Yip just blame the plane'' he said whilst bursting out in laughter.

''Ha..Ha i said sarcastically







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