Will my dreams ever come true?

I'm writing a One Direction fanfiction about a girl who's 17 years old called Sophia. In the story her mother died, her brothers away off to University and her Dad is becoming very ill. She has a massive crush on Niall Horan, her dream is to go see him and the other lads in concert. Her mum had planned to buy her tickets to go see One Direction as she is such a big fan, but sadly she died so she never got the chance to.


22. I wish it was me

                                                      Sophia's Pov

Liam came bursting through the hospital door along with Louis and Harry. ''Whats happened?, are they ok?'' Liam asked panicking.

''U..um Zayn has just been taken by the nurse to get his head checked out as he had a giant cut down it'' I explained

''And Niall?'' Harry asked curiously

''I..i do..don't know'' I said trying to hold in my tears

''Oh ok'' Harry said

''How you taking it love?'' Louis asked, while coming to sit next to me.

''I..it's horrible! I can't stand the thought of him being hurt! I just wish it was me, Ni doesn't deserve this it should be me lying in a hospital bed'' I cried out, unable to control my tears any longer.

''Aw Soph don't say that'' Louis said looking at me worriedly

''I just, I just can't stand someone who means so much to me being hurt like that! Its happened before and ended badly! I can't loose Niall, I cant. I cried

Louis gave me hug and held me tight, ''Love your not going to loose Niall''


I hid my face in Louis shoulder, Meanwhile I felt some one come over and rub my shoulder ''Everything is going to be fine love, im sure Nialls alright'' I turned around to see a sympathetic Liam looking at me with sadness in his eyes.

About half an hour Zayn walked into the waiting room, ''Hey lad how you feeling?'' Liam asked

''Umm better, but my head is in so much pain'' he said

He looked at me sympathetically, ''Any news on Ni?'' he asked

''N..no'' I said shaking my head sadly

''I'm sure we'll hear soon'' harry said

Just as Harry got to the end of his sentence a nurse walked into the room, ''Anyone here for Horan?'' she asked

''Yeah, we all are'' Liam said

''Well he should wake up anytime soon, and we thought it would be nice for him to have some friends and family their when he awakes, that's if you'd like to see him'' the nurse said smiling.

A giant smile plastered across my face, ''H..he's ok'' I said smiling like an idiot'' ''He's ok'' I repeated ''I'm so glad he's ok''

''Shall I show you to his room?'' the nurse asked

''Yes please'' Louis said

We were all walking to his room when the nurse stopped, ''Oh I forgot to tell you, Niall has recently had an operation on his leg, correct?''

''Correct'' Liam said with worry starting to form his face

''Well, some of the stitches have torn - so his leg is likely to be in a lot of pain'' she said

''W..will he be ok?'' I asked, imagining the pain he must be going through

''Oh yes, we have re stitched them but it will be painful for a while'' she said

''Oh ok'' I said

The nurse led us to the room Niall was in, I walked into the room with the others behind. As soon as I looked over at the bed I froze.....


''This way'' The nurse said leading Dad and I to the hospital room mum was in.

''Are you sure you want to do this Sophia?'' my dad asked

''I..I have to say goodbye'' I said trying to stay strong

The nurse opened the door, I looked over at the hospital bed mum was lying on, She was lying in the bed whiter than the sheets! I couldn't bare it, seeing my mum look so helpless, so....so ill!

I knew she was gone, and I couldn't do anything about it. That's what hurt the most - I just wanted to go back in time, change everything. I ran over to her ''Mum!'' I cried ''Mum please don't go, please muuummm'' I sobbed ''I need you'' I whispered.

                                                  End Of Flashback


I jumped at the horrible memory, then noticed everyone was looking at me weirdly. ''W..what?'' I asked

''You froze, you were like that for about 5 minutes'' Harry said

''Did i'' I asked

''Yeah, you scared us Soph'' Louis said

''Oh, sorry guys I was just having a f...flashabck'' I said gulping

 Niall's eyes fluttered open he slowly sat up to rub his eyes, when he screamed out in pain and had to lay back down.

''Ni'' I cried running over to him ''R u ok? What hurts babe?'' I asked

''M..my leg'' he struggled to say, ''But only when I try to sit up'' he said

I put my head in my hands, ''Babe what's wrong?'' Niall asked

''I hate to see you like this, I hate that your going through pain! You don't deserve this it should be me in that hospital bed crying out in pain, Not you!'' I cried out

''Don't say that princess'' Niall said with sadness in his eyes

He signalled me to come over and sit beside him, so I did so. He held me in his arms, ''Its ok babe, I'm ok now'' he whispered while cuddling me.

''I just couldn't stand the fact of you going through pain, I wanted it to be me!'' I cried into his shoulder.

''No, babe don't say that'' he said kissing the top of my head.

The lads all cooed making me giggle, I sat up and kissed Niall's cheek.

                                                      Niall's Pov

 Sophia and I cuddled on the hospital bed, when Zayn spoke ''I'm so glad you ok Ni, you gave me a heart attack!'' he said

''Zayn you were in the car crash as well, you should have been worried about yourself'' I said

''Ni your my best mate, I love you way to much to do that'' Zayn said

''I love you to Zayn, I just wish I was more careful how stupid am I how couldn't I see that stupid tree!'' I said hating myself for putting one of my best friends life at risk.

''Niall if it wasn't for you we'd be dead!'' Zayn said ''You dodged that giant truck, you saved our lifes Ni'' zayn said

''What happened anyway?'' Liam asked confused

''Well Niall was wondering how he was going to tell Sophia about the tour starting early thing, and....

''ZAYN!'' I shouted

''What?'' he asked ''Oh....

''What did Ni have to tell me?'' Sophia asked confused

we were all quiet.....

''Ni?'' she asked

''Well um, I... '' I felt really bad I didn't want her to find out this way

''Paul told us that our tours starting earlier, and um w..we have to leave in two days...















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