Will my dreams ever come true?

I'm writing a One Direction fanfiction about a girl who's 17 years old called Sophia. In the story her mother died, her brothers away off to University and her Dad is becoming very ill. She has a massive crush on Niall Horan, her dream is to go see him and the other lads in concert. Her mum had planned to buy her tickets to go see One Direction as she is such a big fan, but sadly she died so she never got the chance to.


20. Crash


                                                 Zayn's Pov

There was a loads of blood running down the side of my face, but to be honest I didn't care - I just wanted Niall to be ok. The poor lad must be going through so much more pain than me.

''Niall....Lad wake up please be ok, Niall please!''

The only reaction I got was him wincing in pain, I just hope he is ok. Omg what about Sophia she will be worried sick, especially with her past with car crashes!

I quickly phoned up 999

''Hello, whats ur emergency'' I heard a lady say

''We've just crashed, plz help my best friend he has just blanked out plz plz help me'' I cried down the phone

''We will send someone out asap, Do you know where you are? And have you been hurt in anyway?''

''Yes we are on Hangover street, And umm yes I have blood running down from my head but I don't care about me plz just help my friend Niall!!'' I cried

''We will be there as soon as possible, try to stay calm'' the lady said

''O...ok'' I said

I hung up the phone, i'll have to phone the lads and Sophia but ill wait till were at the hospital. A couple of minuets later two ambulances pulled up.

A guy came over to be and began helping me out the car, ''Please Please help Niall! first'' I cried

''The others are getting Niall, don't worry im sure he'll be fine but meanwhile I need to help you!'' the guy said

''Ahhhh'' I screamed out in pain

''Are you ok? What hurts?''

''M...m..my head'' I stuttered out while wincing in pain

The guy got me out the car, and helped me over to the ambulance. He helped me sit on the chair.

''How did this happen?'' the guy asked

''Well we were having a normal guy chat, then a giant truck came speeding out at a red light Ni dodged it but we went crashing into a tree'' I said gulping at the horrible memory

''Well your actually lucky Niall dodged the truck'' he said trying to make me feel better

I winced in pain again as sharp pains ran through my head! ''Lets bandage that up for you'' the guy said

''No, No please, I need to know Ni is ok'' I said worrying

''I still need to bandage you up, you can see Niall in the hospital lets just make sure your ok just now''

''Umm ok'' I said

The guy did the best he could just now, but told me i'll probably need to get stitches in the hospital as it seems a pretty deep cut.

They were still trying to get Niall out the car, ''I really hope he is going to be ok'' I said trying not to cry but I couldn't help it I burst into tears!

''I'm sure he will be fine, they are doing the best they can'' the guy said

''Umm is there any chance I could make a phone call?''

''I don't see why not'' the guy said smiling at me

''Oh wait I don't have her No.!, is there any way of getting Nialls phone?''

''I'll go, you stay here''

''Ok, Thanks'' I said trying to hold in the rest of my tears

A few minutes later they guy came back with Nialls phone. ''Thanks Man'' I said

''No problem''

I quickly flicked through Nialls contacts and found Sophia's, I clicked call and waited for her to answer.

''Hello Ni'' she said

''Sophia, its Zayn'' I said

''Oh hi Zayn, where's Ni?''

''Umm well that's what I wanted to speak to you about?''

''I..is he ok?'' she asked beginning to panic

''W....w..we were just in a car crash''

''OMG OMG OMG, Zayn are Niall and you ok?''

''Umm well there still trying to get Niall out the car''

''Omg! Please be ok please be ok'' she whispered while bursting into tears

I couldn't help but cry myself ''Don't worry Sophia, there doing everything they can''


''Yeah'' I said with tears dripping down my eyes

''Where you hurt in the car crash to?''

''Yeah, but I'm fine''

''Omg Zayn im sorry, r u ok!!''

''Yeah don't worry about me''

''Everyone I love and care about always end up in a car crash'' she cried down the phone

''Don't worry love Ni will be fine, I promise'' but to be honest I wasn't a hundred per cent sure myself.

''I'll meet you at the hospital'' I said

''O..ok bye Zayn, Thanks for letting me know''

''You had a right to know love, bye!''

''Is she taking it alright?'' the guy asked

''Not really no, she has a bad past with car crashes'' I said ''H..her mum sorta died in one, Niall told us'' I said

''aw that's a shame'' he said

They eventually got Niall out the car and we both got rushed straight to the hospital



Hey, sorry its a bad chapter its kinda filler for the next part :)





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