We'll never be royals

Miley and Gigi are 2 best friends that live together.
Miley has some kind of history with Harry Styles. He has done something horrible to her. But she loved him.
What happened? What will happen?
Read, you won't regret it.
Thank you ❤️


3. what should I do?

Miley's POV:

Gigi had a point. The only way to get rid of him is to tell him that I want him out of my life. Forever.

I love Gigi, she knows me, and she gets me. She's got everything I could ever ask for in a sister.

I heard her sweet voice tell me "Listen Miley, I know it's hard for you to talk to him. But by writing back, I meant like, remind him what he did. Tell him exactly why you don't return his calls or text back. Let it all out in a letter and mail it to him. Maybe it'll remind him what kind of person he is"

I shook my head, agreeing. It was hard just writing his name down. With every letter of each word I've wrote down a piece of my heart broke.

"What if he changed" gigi said surprising me

"I don't give damn monkeys about who he is now. But as long as Im alive, to me he'll always be a person who was nothing but a source of depression in my life Gigi. He'll never be anything but that"

Gigi's POV:

I know how much Miley hates him. As much as I know how fast she'll fall for him if she ever looked into his eyes again. I'm really worried about her. He's a jerk, I dont know if he changed, but he didn't do anything to prove that he did. And Miley loved him. More then any girl could love a guy. So yeah I'm worried

"Hey Miley, can you promise me something"

"yeah jay" (she sometimes calls me jay)

"I don't want him to get any where near you. So I'm forbidding you to see him. Am I making myself clear Miley"

"Crystal" she said

"Ready to write that letter now" i asked her tapping her shoulder

"No but... Let's do it" Miley said

Writers Note:

Who's exited to know what harry has done to her? How do they know eachother? Do you really think someone could hate someone else so much, but yet can fall for them just by looking into their eyes? And why?

Wait for the next chapter where Miley writes down the letter which explains everything.

Thankkk youu. Love you all

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