We'll never be royals

Miley and Gigi are 2 best friends that live together.
Miley has some kind of history with Harry Styles. He has done something horrible to her. But she loved him.
What happened? What will happen?
Read, you won't regret it.
Thank you ❤️


1. Get to know us

Miley's POV:

Im not like most 18 year olds, I'm not really the girl that cares about nothing but clothes and good looks, and money, lets just say i crave a different kind of buzz.. And of course the person I got along with the most was my best friend, Gigi, is the same to. We're not ashamed of not being wealthy at all. Everyone who knows us knows, we don't care about the money. We just wanted to have fun, be crazy, weird, ORIGINAL. I've hadn't had a lot of boyfriends since no boy got me, the real me.

Gigi's POV:

Miley and I are practically like sisters, since we live together. Miley never met her parents, she lived with her aunt who was a widow with 4 children and no job. So she never got to live a normal life. And ever since my parents died in a car crash a couple of years ago we decided to chip in our money and get ourselves a nice apartment, just the 2 of us. And lucky for us we got a great deal.

Writer's POV: Miley never got an inappropriate job regardless of how much she needs the money, nor did gigi, she just got a job as a babysitter. For the bad crazy bitch(not meant as a bitch bitch) she loved kids. And one remark that will change everything, She knew harry styles, in more ways then you know.

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