We'll never be royals

Miley and Gigi are 2 best friends that live together.
Miley has some kind of history with Harry Styles. He has done something horrible to her. But she loved him.
What happened? What will happen?
Read, you won't regret it.
Thank you ❤️


8. Aww /:

Miley's POV:

Woke up the next day, realizing I've fell asleep have naked, got up made my way straight too the bathroom, washing away the traces of mascara left from last night's tears. I didn't even want to think about it anymore..

I headed down stairs, where as usual Gigi had prepared breakfast. But she had already eaten and left the house

I sighed sadly. I hate it when we fight. I made the dishes and cleaned up a bit, but I couldn't eat anything. Then I directly picked up the phone and called Gigi

"Hey girl"

"Hi" she said plainly

"Oh come on. I hate it when we fight, I know you love me" i pouted

She tried to hide her chuckle but I heard it

"I decided not to meet up with him. You were righ- you know what, meet me at Starbucks in 30 okay?"

"Alight, bye" she said before I hung up

I got upstairs, took a quick 10 mins shower, dried myself, put on high waist denim shorts with a white crop top that said "THIS IS TO MUCH FOR YOU" slipped into my white converse, dried my hair and just let fall back, I put a bit of make up on my face, smiled at myself, grabbed my LV purse and walked out.

Gigi's POV:

I was mad at Miley but I know for a fact that we were going to make up.

When she called she suggested that we should go out for some coffee to talk about it, and ofc I didn't reject her offer, after all she's still my better half

I arrived to Starbucks, saw her sitting on a table for 2, where she already ordered coffee for the both of us.

"I told them to add milk in your coffee just the way you like it" she tried to loosen the mood

I chuckled

"Come on jay..."

Miley's POV:

I feel like I've killed someone.

She wasn't being normal

"hey Jay is everything okay?"

"Ashton and I broke up" she said with tears forming up in her eyes.

Ashton has been Gigi's boyfriend for about 2 years, she loved him, with every single heart beat, she'd hear his name

I couldn't imagine why...

"Oh my God Gigi's I'm so sorry, would you prefer talking about this at home?"

"Please" the words barely got out of her mouth

We got home, I say on an empty couch and patted my hand on the place next to me

"What happened?" I asked

"He.. He said his feelings faded away" she said before she cupped her face with her hands hiding her tears

"And after two years?" I asked furiously

"At first I thought that he was telling the truth but then.. I caught him making out with someone" she mumbled the last part


"Please" she said

"How did you catch him anyway" i asked her

"So after he called me and told me that he wanted to talk to me, I went over to his hosue.. Where he told me that he wanted to break up with me because he has lost his feelings for me. I then left the house, without a word. But i couldn't even make it to the car, just broken down crying out side the door" she said with her head facing the ground

"And?" I asked

She looked at me with misty eyes, and a face full of hurt "I stormed back in to ask why only to find out there was a girl with him inside.. And they were making out" she managed to mumble

I was furious. I wanted to choke him. He's dead to me

"You're strong you kept me standing on my feet now I'm going to do the same for you" i whispered to her (thats what gigi said to miley when miley was crying"


"Hello" Ashton's voice made me wanna puke

"How could you" i asked


"HOW COULD YOU" i yelled

"i-" he was saying before I cut him off


He stayed quite

"Got nothing to say aye? i thought so." I said

"I just los-" i cut him off again

"Just shut the fuck up for God's sake, no one loses feelings after 2 years for no reason, you were cheating on her thats why lost feelings"

"But I really regret it"

I then coughed and said "Sorry I'm allergic to bulshit.

Stay away from her, do I make myself clear"

"But-" i cut him off again saying "DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR" i yelled

"Crystal ma'am"

"Dick" i said before hanging up

That's when gigi ran and jumped on me laughing "THANKKK YOU"

"No one hurts my babygirl 👊" i told her

"Alright so there's this really cool glow in the dark party, in the night club we usually go to, let's go we both need it"

"I don't know Miley, I'm really tired, and I have to work late tomorrow"gigi pouted

"Oh come on jayyyy. Lily and Austin will be there" lily and austin have been our friends since forever

"You go, and have fun"

"Ughhhhh" i groaned

"HAHAHAAHA it's okay, you go and promise me to have fun, you need it"


OMG guess who will be at the party????

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