Craving You (louis tomlinson)

Annabelle was a girl trying to run away from her past in London but when she catches the eye of Louis Tomlinson things turn to the worst.


2. louia

[Annabelle p.o.v]

        "Gabby, did you see that guy ?" I curiously asked her. She shook her head and I sighed. One minute he's standing there and  the next minute he's gone. It doesn't matter anyways, he's just a stranger.

"Did you mean the group of punks just standing there ?" Gabby questioned me.

"Yeah," I answered.

"To be honest, they were mad scary looking. I get chills just looking at them. What about them ?"

"Oh, nothing." I sighed.

"I wouldn't mess with them if I was you. They're way different than us and I rather you stay away from Louis."

"Who's Louis ?" I asked her.

"You don't need to know who he is just stay the hell away from them. Promise me ?" I gave her a confused look.

" ... And what if I don't stay away from this Louis guy ?" I questioned her.

"Just stay away from him." She hissed angrily.

"What if I don't wanna stay away from this Louis guy ?" I stated angrily.

"Fine, when you meet Louis don't come crying to me when he fucking hits you just like Ryder did." She instantly gasped at what she said seconds after she realized. Tears started to blur my vision and I quickly closed my eyes shut trying to prevent it.


"Don't ever talk to me again." I grabbed my bag and quickly left Gabbys car.

"Annabelle !! " I heard Gabbys voice call out to me.

I ignored her screams and quickly ran as far from her.

Luckily, I was wearing waterproof mascara.

"Woah there little girl where you going ?" I looked up to a boy with dark brown curls and dark emerald eyes.

"U-uh I really don't know." I answered truthfully.

"Your eyes are puffy and red, you okay love ?" I nodded my head and out of the corner of my eye a familiar red car appeared.

"Anna, I'm sorry I shouldn't have mentio-"

"Just leave me alone, Gabby." I closed my eyes tightly and felt a hand wrap around my waist.

"Please get in the car Anna ?" I ignored her pleas.

"C'mon sweetie, lets go to my place ?" Gabby looked up and gasped when she saw the stranger. I thought to myself ... Is this Louis ?

"Annabelle Daniels, please get in the car ?!" She demanded.

"You're not my mother and I will do what I want." I hissed.

"Yeah, Gabby listen to her." I looked up to the stenager. There was a huge height difference.

"Harry don't you fucking dare." Gabby growled.

"Lets go back to your place Harry." I wrapped my hand around his arm and waved bye to Gabby.

The whole walk was awkward and I took time to notice things.

I'm walking into someone I just literally met ten minutes ago. Maybe Gabby was right, guys just like Harry basically were dangerous.

My palms started to sweat and my body was shaking.

In the corner of my eye I caught a smirk grow onto Harry's face.

If I run now I may be able to get home in under ten minutes.

"We're here." Harry smirked and I felt tears form in my eyes.

"I wanna go home." Memories flooded back as the sentence left my mouth.

"I just wanna go home ... please Ryder ?" I cried. Ryder ignored my pleas and gripped onto my wrist tighter.

"Ryder ?" I looked up into his cold blue eyes. A smirk plastered onto his face as he suddenly chuckled to himself.

"Please, Ill do anything." I sobbed into his arms.

"Stop being a little bitch and shut the hell up." He spat.

I silently sobbed into his shirt and struggled to get out of his grip.

His grip tightened harder every time I struggled more. A silent cry of pain escaped my mouth.

"Take me back to my parents house now." I demanded.

"What don't you get ? You're stuck with me princess. Didnt you listen to your parents ?! They don't fucking want you anymore. You're mine and only mine. Don't cry princess, were gonna be together just like were meant to be."

"Stop Ryder !" I screamed. I opened my eyes and Harry started to wipe a tear from my eyes. Wherever I go he'll always be there.

Harry opened the door to his house and the smell of weed & alcohol filled up my nostrils. Something inside me screamed to leave ... now.

"Babe, you're back !!" A chick full of tattoos & piercings jumped onto Harry. I backed away from his grip and held my wrist tightly.

I shoulda listened to Gabby, I need to get out of here now. I don't belong here. To be honest, I'm too innocent for these kind of people. I don't belong here at all.

The chick seperated from Harry and stared at me. "Where's Louis ?" Harry asked.

"He's in his room." The chick answered. Harry pointed to the couch and motioned for me to sit down.

"Take me home." I demanded.

"Come here sweetie." The chick grabbed my hand gently and led me to the kitchen.

"I'm Kierra and you are ?"

"A-Annabelle." I was shaking with fear.

"That's a pretty name. You can take a seat." I sat down at a chair and she sat across from me.

"You seem afraid Annabelle." She stated.

"I just wanna go home." I answered honestly.

"Want me to take you home love ?" She asked.

"N-No thanks." I stood up and walked to the living room. I made my way to the door and noticed Harry blocking.

"Please move." I demanded.

"Sit down," He chuckled "You're not going anywhere."

I looked over to Kierra, she seemed nice for some reason.

"You're not going anywhere just yet."

I turned around and spotted the midnight blue eyed stranger sitting down by the t.v. That was the guy from before ! I started to shake and quickly tried to escape.

"Were not gonna kill you or rape you, Annabelle." Harry laughed.

"Louis just wanted to see you." Harry pointed to the midnight blue boy. That's Louis ?

"Hello princess." Louis smiled and I quickly tried my best to not remember the guy who last called me princess.

"Don't call me that." I hissed.

I looked around to try to find a weapon to protect myself.

"Why you so scared ?" Louis questioned me.

"My friend told me to s-stay away from y-you." I stood against the wall. Louis stood up and made his way towards me.

"Well, your roomate was right princess. Is your roomate perhaps Gabriella Santiago ?" He asked.

"Yeah."I nervously stated.

His blue eyes darkened and soon he had me pressed against the wall.

"Well, tell her I say hi but she probably remember me when she sees you next time." I felt his lips crash against my neck. His body pushed me harder against the wall.

Louis started to gently suck on my skin and I fought to push him away. Tears brimmed in my eyes and I felt his hands lift me up and wrap my legs around my waist. I let out a gasp as a wave of pleasure hit me.

I bit down on my bottom lip trying to hold in the moan threathing to escape. Small gasps and moans kept leaving my lips. Suddendly, Louis lips were disconnected from my skin.

"Show that to Gabriella." Louis smirked.

"Show what ?" I nervously asked.

"She'll know when she sees that hickey I left on your neck." I pulled out my phone and checked my reflection. Omg.

"You been marked princess." I gave him a weird look and suddendly another guy appeared and dragged me out the door.

"Where you taking me ?" I asked. I struggled to get out of his grip.

"Home." He answers.

"I can walk by myself." I stated.

"Louis specifically told me to take you home, sorry darling."

What the hell ?

Gabby was right. I can't go back there and I shouldnt have.

"How do you know where I live ?" He ignored my question and continued walking.

"I don't love but I know the apartment complex and I'm supposed to follow you once we arrive there," he answers.

"Why ?"

"Louis doesn't know your address and he wants to take you out later."He cursed under his breath after he spoke. He wasnt supposed to tell me this ?

I can't go out with Louis or have this guy follow me. I need to escape from this guy.

"What's your name ?" I asked.


"Welllll Liam ..." I quickly kicked him where the sun doesnt shine and with all my force I pushed him to the ground and ran.

I looked back and saw that I had an advantage.

I sped up and pushed the doors of the apartment complex I lived in open. I ran to the elevator and hit mt floor which is floor 5.

As the elevator doors closed I spotted Liam running into the building. Luckily, he didn't spot me and the doors shut closed. I danced happily and stepped out.

I pulled my keys out and ran inside locking every lock on my door.

"OMG ANNABELLE !" Gabby jumped onto me and started to cry.

"I'm so sorry for what I said."

"You're right Gabby. I just ran back home after escaping this Liam guy. I met Louis and he wanted me to show you something he left on my neck." Gabby backed up a bit and her mouth dropped.

"This is bad Anna ! You been marked and basically Louis owns you now ! Anyone sees you with that knows you basically aren't taken and can't be messed with."

"I shoulda listened to you." I let tears escape my eyes.

"Its okay babes. Just try to stay far from him as long as you can til that thing is off."She said.

"That Liam guy was supposed to follow me so he can get the address to this apartment to give to Louis. Luckily, I escaped before anything. Louis supposed to come and take me out." I explained.

"He doesn't remember this apartment so that's good !" She smiled relived.

"Yeah, I'm not leaving this house until this thing gets away."

"That's for your best," She honestly agreed.

My phone vibrated and I took it out to see the message.

Unknown Number: Be ready at 7 for our date princess. Wear something sexy ;-) Ill pick you up at your apartment. Think you were gonna get away ? Well, guess what princess I know where you live and Ill be there to lovingly up. Don't forget princess. -Louis xx

I dropped my phone and ran to my room. Everywhere I go there is always someone who ruins my life.

((AUTHORS NOTE; sorry for the shitty chapter ! Comment what you thoughr about it !! I'm editing this tomorrow so it be better :] ))

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