Craving You (louis tomlinson)

Annabelle was a girl trying to run away from her past in London but when she catches the eye of Louis Tomlinson things turn to the worst.


3. idk

[Annabelle P.O.V]


        "Annabelle, are you okay ?" Gabby softly knocked on my door before proceeding in. I picked up my head from my knees and stared at Gabby.

"No, everywhere I go someone has to break me down, but I won't let this Louis guy ruin it at all." I was determined to not have the past reveal itself again.

"You're right, now lets go out before Louis comes and takes you out."
"Lets go to Appleb-" I was interrupted by a doorbell.

"He's early." Gabby spoke in shock.

"Hide in the closet and I'll tell Louis you aren't home." Gabby disappeared through the door and I shoved myself in my closet.

Gabby P.O.V

"Hello, Gabriella." My body felt immediately uncomforable as a smirk grew onto Louis face.

"Whatever you want Tomlinson, I suggest for you to stay away from Annabelle. She has had a bad past and you're just gonna ruin it way more. Just please stay away from her." I let out.

"Mhm, and I'm gonna listen to you ? I have reasons why I marked Annabelle and I suggest for your safety to stay out of this. Now wheres my princess ?" He spoke with confidence.

"She left a couple minutes ago," I lied. I can't let him hurt her after the inceident that happened between us.

"You're lying." Louis pushed himself through the door and looked around.

" ANNABELLE, PRINCESS, COME OUT." Louis screamed before he entered every room. Shit, she better have hidden.

I started to shake as he entered Annabelles room. I followed behind him and I saw him run his hand through his luscious brown hair.

[Annabelle p.o.v]

" Where she go ?" It didn't sound like a question, he was demanding to know where I was hidden.

"I told you she left." Gabby lied for me. This is why were best friends.

"Then I'll wait til she comes back." Louis sat down on my bed. I mentally growned as noticing I'm gonna be here for a long time.

"That's not a good idea, now leave Tomlinson," Gabby demanded.

"No, I'm gonna wait for my princess to show up." I felt uncomfortable with that nick name.

"You belong to me, princess. You can't escape me no matter what. You're mine."

Ryders dark laugh filled my ears and I covered my ears trying to get rid of the noise. My elbow collided against something dropping it to the ground.

Louis and Gabby eyes snapped to the closet. Louis eyes darkened and a dark smile grew onto his face. He approached the closet door and forced it open.

"Hello, Annabelle." Louis spoke.

" 'Sup Tomlinson." I forced a smile onto my lips.

"Now do me a favor and change so I can take you out for dinner. Put something sexy on." Louis walked out the door and Gabby hugged me tightly.

"He won't hurt you like he did to me." Gabby promised me. I pulled out the hug and pulled out a high waisted skirt with a pink crop tee.

"Ill have my phone on me and Ill try to escape when I can." I promised her.

"Ill text you while you're with him and Ill be here every minute waiting," Gabby said.

"Well, I'm gonna go now with the devil." I frowned and walked out.

"Ready ?" I nodded and walked out the door. I felt Louis intertwine our fingers and I struggled to escape his tight grip.

"You're afraid of me aren't you ?"

"N-No," I lied damn me.

"Well, nice way to lie to me princess"

"Why me ?" I asked out of no where.

"Excuse me ?"

"Why you mark me? Why are you so interested into me ?" I asked.

"This morning, I saw you on your way somewhere and something about you seemed interesting. Youre so innocent and scared of me. I marked you because I wanna learn more about you."

"I'm so different then you."I stated.

"Opposites attract, you been in my thoughts ever since this morning. I tried to forget about you but I couldn't at all. It was like I was craving to learn more about you."

"Well, I have to be honest and say I kinda felt the same." A smile grew onto Louis face.

"Well, lets see how this day goes." I entered Louis car and let myself suddendly relax.

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