I Am More

Kasia has been tortured by her past like so many others, but Kasia is different, Kasia seeks revenge. Revenge on her own brother.


3. I was trapped

His words were trapped inside my mind, fighting each other to break free. I had let myself grow close to him, and now I was trapped. This was not part of the plan. We made our way to the house in silence. There was only one man left and I knew I could get past him.
“What do you want?” He asked from behind the protection of his door.
“I-I, we really need your help sir,” my voice adopted the sweeter tone I applied when something was needed, thankfully, it had the desired effect.
“Come in,” the man was short but still managed to glare at my taller counterpart.
“Thank you so much sir, I wish I could repay you,” the desperation in my voice was a skill I had long ago mastered,
“I’m sure I could think of something,” the short man inched closer to me, I was expecting this, men generally wanted one thing from a desperate girl like me. It was not the first time I had sold myself to get what I wanted. The man winked at Dannen before pulling me flush against his stout body. I gasped in imitated pleasure, igniting the determination in the man’s eyes.
“So young to be out on your own with a man like that,” he nodded his head toward Dannen, who at this moment was glaring fiercely down at the man who possessed too much misplaced confidence, “You would be much better staying here with me, where I can take care of you,” his stubby fingers quickly found my  behind. I had too all but force myself not to roll my eyes. Loneliness can make people pathetic. Just as the man leaned in for his target, Dannen moved into my line of sight, hastily removing the man from my body. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Dannen didn’t care about me. Did he?

The pudgy form of the man was hitting so many surfaces I couldn’t keep track. My fingers entwined in the damp material of Dannen’s shirt and attempted to haul him out the door. It took much more effort than I had prepared for to remove him but we finally broke free.
“What the hell Dannen!” We ran as far from the village as we could get before collapsing on the grass, it was only a matter of time before someone responded to the screams. He lifted me effortlessly onto his lap and leaned into my ear. His breath teased every hair until they all stood to attention.
“I don’t share.” His cool breath on my neck was replaced by his warm lips, trailing a path from my ear to my collar bone.
“Stop! Thanks to you, we need to find somewhere else to stay,” I removed myself from my pursuer’s lap and started the trek to the next village. What had I done?

The dreams were fierce that night, lying in the cold, desolate barn. My anger towards Dannen had faded considerably, mostly as I was relying on his body heat to stay alive. My brother’s face flashed repeatedly at the back of my eyes. His wife’s laughter followed images of her handprints on my body. They would pay. Soon.
“Sh.” Dannen’s hand was covering my mouth before a protest had formulated in my mind. He was alert, which in turn made me alert. We weren’t alone. I followed suit as Dannen scuttled behind a stack of crates. The voices were growing louder. They were looking for us. Dannen signalled me to wait for his count, and so I did.  His long fingers counted from three to one and we attacked. Fighting together had become a regular element of our relationship. The three men were taken entirely by surprise as we ambushed them from both sides. Screams and shouts were followed by kicks and punches as we steadily disposed of the threat.
“Well, that was unexpected.” Dannen’s voice was a welcome sound to my ears; the men lay motionless beneath us as we made our escape.

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