I Am More

Kasia has been tortured by her past like so many others, but Kasia is different, Kasia seeks revenge. Revenge on her own brother.


2. I was his

Strong arms cradled me softly; he was still calling my name, not aware of my return. Dannen never touched me, in fact I had known him for nearly six months and this was the closest I had ever been.
“I’m going to kill him Kas, I promise you now, I’m going to kill him.”
“No.” His shock registered in his muscles before he could hide it on his face, his eyes were once again ignited with authority, disapproving of my defiance “I’m going to kill him.”

“Kas, you can’t, he’s too dangerous, you’re too involved!” Dannen had been protesting against my earlier revelation for the good part of an hour. I had so far been happily ignoring him and searching for somewhere to sleep. For once, my companion couldn’t hide his shock now that he had discovered what my agenda had been our entire journey. Dannen and I had shared many visits to my past, but I had only supplied him with the bare essentials of information. My plan all along had been to kill my brother, watch his family squirm under the pain I was going to inflict upon them. Dannen had merely been a method of survival, but as time galloped on, as it so often does, I found myself growing attached to the distant, dominant curly haired boy.
“Dan, you can’t tell me what to do! You are not my father!” The words shot from my mouth like daggers, mentioning my father was a rare experience for both of us, the tall boy glared down at me, a mixture of shock and betrayal swirling in his pale eyes.
“No, but you will do what I say child, or this is over!” I glared defiantly upwards, the sun making it only possible to see his tall, looming frame. He hadn’t called me child in months; he had learned it was an incorrect portrayal of my character after I drove two adult men to unconsciousness after a month on the road. I was crouched behind a wall, waiting for an opening. I turned my gaze back to the almost empty house. His arms hoisted me upwards and I could do nothing but withhold a scream. I was forcefully turned around and pushed against the wall, he made no attempt to soften the blow of the brick on my back.
“Don’t you dare turn away from me,” the ferocity in his words was foreign to me, this man was generally so composed.
“Let go of me Dannen,” my attempt to keep my voice steady was to no avail, his smirk grew when my voice cracked. The feeling of absolute vulnerability enraptured my soul; he was going to break what I had tried so hard to mend. Without warning or hesitation, Dannen’s lips crashed onto mine in a flurry of need. My last breath of air was transformed into a gasp. I prided myself on being immensely difficult to surprise, but Dannen was forcing me to rethink that idea. His lips were hard and fierce against mine; I had not yet decided if I wanted this or not, but soon I was responding with as much pent up anger as Dannen was forcing into me.
“You. Are. Mine.” His words broke our kiss apart, and I knew with every bone in my body, he was right.

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