Mine Forever

Joe Sugg, Is a youtuber. I, Holly am madly in love with him.


4. The Mall

I woke up the next morning to a nice cup of tea and a plate of toast.''Thanks Abbie, you are an angel'' I said, giving her a hug.''It's ok'', she said, ''Seeing as we're going shopping and all today.''

''WHAT?I was supposed to go on a trip with Joe today! It was going to be a mystery tour or something!'' I spluttered.''But you were with him for the past two days'' she said.''Can't you spend some time with me for once?'' ''But Abbie'' I whined. ''Ring him now and cancel it.'' Abbie snapped. So I rang Joe..

''Hi Holly, are you ok? I can't wait to see the look on your face when I surprise you today!'' he said. I felt broken.''About that, Joe I can't go, I have to go do something with Abbie. She's making me...''

''WHAT!But I was all ready to have a fun time today! Hold on and I'll call over.''

So, he did. But Abbie, for some strange reason, wouldn't even wait 'till tomorrow to take me shopping. I have to admit though, I wasn't really spending that much time with her. I talked to Joe about it.

''It's ok'', he said, ''Can I take you out then on Saturday?'' ''Of course you can!'' I replied before he went home..

''Abbie, how could you be so rude to him!'' I snapped. (Yes, this time it was me.) ''I'm sorry Holly, it's just, I really urgently need to spend some time with you today.'' She said, quite sad now..

Confused, I hopped into the car with her and we drove to the mall.

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