Mine Forever

Joe Sugg, Is a youtuber. I, Holly am madly in love with him.


10. The Funeral

''JOE, JOE! She's gone!'' I screamed into the phone. ''COME HERE QUICK!''   ''Be over in a second!'' he said, rushing. I tried desperately to wake up Abbie, but she had stopped breathing. No! No! This can't be happening! I thought, rushing around, trying to calm myself down. The doorbell rang five seconds later. It was Joe. Finally!

''Joe, it's terrible!'' I said, crying. He tried to calm me down by hugging me, but it didn't work. Nothing did. I rang the hospital to tell them the news.

Her body was taken away in time and Joe was still trying to cheer me up, though he probably knew that it was worthless. Abbie was my best friend in the whole wide world since I was a child, right up to now. I don't think I would be able to stay in the apartment by myself. The memories would just creep me out.

''You should stay at my place for a few days'' said Joe, and I accepted his offer because I would go mad on my own. Anyway, his place was really nice.

For the next few nights, Joe had been especially nice to me, making food and bringing endless cups of tea and coffee for me. ''Thanks Joe, you've been so nice to me for the past few days and you've cheered me up.''

''Well, I've been thinking...'' said Joe. ''Yes?'' I said back, confused. ''Well, why don't you move in with me?'' he said and he looked quite embarrassed. ''I would love that.'' I said because it was true, I don't think I could stay on my own.

So, I moved in with Joe and we planned Abbie's funeral. It cost heaps of money, but I would pay any amount for my best friend. We planned a quiet funeral. Me, Joe and a couple of people from Abbie's side of the family.

Abbie was buried in the graveyard about a kilometer away from my our old place. I felt sorry for Abbies side of the family at the funeral, but I let them host the party anyway. I didn't feel like partying, not one bit.

Besides, I had bags to pack at home.

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