Mine Forever

Joe Sugg, Is a youtuber. I, Holly am madly in love with him.


2. Spaghetti and Steak

''Yes, Nice to meet you.'' I said, very shyly. He was so handsome and his smile was to die for. We sat down and I discovered that he had already poured us a glass of red wine. What a gentleman! I thought, as he pulled out a chair for me.

''So, tell me about you'' he asked, drinking a sip of wine. '' Well, I'm twenty-one, I live near the woods and I live with my best friend Abbie, that's pretty much it.'' I told him.

Not long after he had told me about him, the waitress was at our table, taking our order.''I'll have a nice Steak, medium please.'' said Joe. I smiled and ordered some spaghetti. The people at the table beside us were eating it and It looked delicious.

As dinner carried on, we talked more and flirted even more. He was so sweet, I couldn't even believe it! I was starting to fall in love.

When the taxi arrived, he said goodbye and he even gave me a kiss! ''When can I see you again?'' I asked.''How about lunch tomorrow?'' He replied. ''It's a deal.'' I said, And climbed into the taxi.

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