Mine Forever

Joe Sugg, Is a youtuber. I, Holly am madly in love with him.


5. Shocking News

Authors note: sorry guys, I know you hate these, but I just want to say thank you for reading up to this point. This chapter may contain upsetting parts. Love, Sarah xxx

When we reached the mall, Abbie took me straight into Bershka to buy this really cute dress she saw on someone's fashion blog. Typical Abbie. Always following fashion blog's advice. I'm not saying it's a bad thing though.. She got this super- cute summer dress with flowers around the waist and I got the cutest pink top ever.

We stopped at Starbucks for a nice cup of coffee. I had a yummy frappacino and Abbie had a Latte. But what I didn't know, was that Abbie took me shopping because she had something to tell me...

Abbie burst into silent tears. ''Abbie! What's wrong! Abbie?'' I said, panicking. ''Abbie, Abbie?''

''Holly. I have some news..'' She said through tears. '' When you were meeting Zoella and whatever else you did, I went for a checkup at the doctors.''

''And'' I said. ''What happened?'' ''Are you okay?''

''Remember when I had those pains? And I had to lie down and you were so nice and brought me food?''

''Yes'' I said.. ''Did I poison you! Oh no!''

''No!'' she half-giggled. But soon, the giggling stopped. ''Holly, I have cancer. I have two months to live.''

''Abbie! No! You can't! You're my bestest friend! We've known each other since we were little! Abbie! We lived together since we were eighteen! We walked home from school together every single day! We hung out every weekend! You can't Abbie! I need you! You're everything to me!'' I said and cried ten times harder than she did. 


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