Mine Forever

Joe Sugg, Is a youtuber. I, Holly am madly in love with him.


11. Moving in

I spent the next few day moving into Joe's house. Bonus that he lived with Caspar. I found Caspar really funny, and I fangirled like hell. Not very attractive. Plus, I think Joe got jealous....

''You're lucky to be dating the second hottest youtuber'' said Caspar, with that cheeky smile. ''Who's the first?'' I asked, but I obviously I knew what he was going to say. ''Me, duhh!'' He said, making me laugh.

''What's all the giggling about?'' asked Joe, carrying in my last box and wiping sweat off his face. ''Nothing, just that Caspar said you were the next hottest youtuber after him!'' I laughed. ''You sure about that?'' Joe asked Caspar.

''I'm really happy to have you here with me, Holly. Now I can see you whenever I like....'' said Joe, giving me one of those squeezy hugs, kinda making it hard for me to breathe, but I enjoyed it. I loved Joe, now that Abbie was gone (God bless her) He was all I had left.

I'n the morning, Caspar said to us ''WTF WAS WITH THE NOISE LASTNIGHT!!'' My face instantly went red. ''Nothing Caspar, Nothing...'' I said and ran out with a red face. ''Oh my god!'' said Joe, and we burst out laughing.

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