Mine Forever

Joe Sugg, Is a youtuber. I, Holly am madly in love with him.


3. His Girl

I met him for lunch, like I said I would. We met at some food place in the shopping center. Lily's salad bar or something. I had an amazing fruit salad and Joe paid! He was such a gentleman.

''Is it a bit too soon to call you my girlfriend?'' Joe asked which made me blush. ''Well, I like you so much, so why not?'' I said.''Cool, so would you like to meet Zoe then?'' He asked me.''Seriously, yes please! I love her!'' I said, full of excitement.

We left Lily's and went to Joe's house. It was so nice and smelt amazing. ''Zoe, come here!'' Joe called,making me jump.

''Hi, Joe has told me about you!'' she said, greeting me. I was so pleased that I had finally met Zoella! Well, and that I was going out with Joe Sugg!

We talked for a while about stuff like youtube, our lives and stuff like that. I was thinking about making my own channell and we talked about stuff we could do on our channels.

At home that evening I told Abbie every single detail about that day.''Isn't it a bit to early to be boyfriend and girlfriend?'' she asked and I just laughed. I looked at my instagram page.. To my amazement zozeebo and joe_sugg had started following me! I jumped with excitement and Abbie was shocked too.

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