Destiny meeting

Aura Rain is a tall girl, at 5ft 8in, she's 18 years old and lives in an overgrown, fallen tree. She has chocolate brown, bob style hair and leaf green eyes. She's very brave and adventurous. She loves climbing and sport. She has a slight fear of the society as she lives on her own and had to bring herself up. She hides a dark secret behind her bright eyes.

Destiny Frost is the youngest of the group at a mere 15 years old. She's 5ft 5in and has light brown, elbow length hair and hazel eyes. She's very creative and good at looking after the people around her. However she's easily sidetracked and very afraid of heights and aggressive behaviour.

Edward Days is 24 years of age. He is an ICT and science specialist, mainly focusing on the human brain and how it can be altered naturally. He has a fear of being expelled by society, he always feels that he has to do the right thing to make sure people are happy and safe. He has short, dark blonde hair, sea blue eyes and he is about 5ft 9in


1. First meeting - Aura

Aura POV


I sat looking down at the muddy ground and branches hanging from below. My feet were hanging over the edge of the top branch in the highest tree in the woods. I could hear the crunching of leaves below gradually increasing in volume. A small, brunette girl appeared, she sat on the damp, wild grass, sighing deeply as though she were contemplating life. I didn't say anything, I didn't want to disturb her. She looked peaceful and innocent. She looked up towards the sky and when she noticed a small purple bird she stumbled to her feet following the bird's sweet song.

The thing is, not many people come down here. Ever. I'd always been alone, and I guess I'd grown to like it like that, but this girl seemed different to the others. Maybe I'm just over thinking things again... she wasn't a plant, she didn't act like the other plants.

I woke up in the darkness to the sound of a branch snapping beneath a persons feet, I jolted upright and grabbed my small dagger. Peeking through the branches, I could see the same girl. What was she doing here again? I swung gracefully down to a lower branch in view of the girl, although she wasn't looking at me.

"Oh! Hello." She said merrily as she turned my way. "Could you come down?" I slid from my branch and landed with a loud thud in front of her. "I'm Destiny, nice to meet you." She thrust her arm out in front of her, I gave her a look of confusion "You shake it... Have you never?" She paused and looked me up and down, pain spread across her face. "Oh," She lowered her hand. "I'm an artist, out looking for inspiration." I nodded looking downward.

"I'm Aura." I whispered.

"Aura, that's a nice name."

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