Don't make me choose

*may contain swearing

A girl, pained as she has to make a life changing decision with choosing between two boys she's in love with.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

So, have you always lived here? Luke asked yeah, with my older brother Liam. Mums always out and I don't know where my dad is. I replied. Luke gave me a sympathetic look, I just smiled letting him know it was alright. What about you Luke? Well I live with my mum Liz and have two brothers Ben and Jack. Where did you move from? I moved over from Sydney, Australia he smiled ohhh, I thought so u just forgot the name he chuckled how long have you been here? About 3 days, i haven't really been around yet but I'm planning on it. He smiled, wanna play 20 questions? Yeah but with a twist what sort of twist? He had a cheeky smirk well what ever question you ask I have to answer and so do you I said that doesn't sound so bad he smirked. Okay so how about you start babe he smiled. Oh my, how my heart melts when he calls me that.

1"What's your favourite colour?" L:Blue, M:orange

2"Ever had any pets?" M:A cat called Bee, L: a dog called Molly

3"Favourite Movie/s?" L:Anchor Man, but I enjoy 17 again and Monsters Inc. M:Twilight Saga Series

4"favourite animal?" M:Giraffe, L:Penguin

5"do you have any fears?" L:That I won't fit in here M: that I'll lose Liam and spiders

6what's your dream?" M:To sing, L:singing

7"describe me in one word" L:beautiful, M:handsome

8"when's your birthday?" M:24of March, 16 of July

9"kissed anyone?" L:Yeah, M:nope

10"are you a virgin?" M:Yes, L:yeah

11 "how old are you?" L:Turning 17, M:turning 16

12"what was your first impression of me?" M:Beautiful eyes and pretty cool, L:pretty and special

13"what's your lucky number?"L:7 M:15

14"Give me a nickname?" M:Pretty boy, L:Bee

15"where do you liked to be kissed?" L:The lips, M:neck

16"who's your celebrity crush?" M:Channing Tatum, L:Mila Kunis

17"favourite tv show?" L:How I met your mother, M:puberty blues

18"would you ever consider us more than friends?M:Yeah, L:yes

19"so I have a chance with you?" L:Yes, M:maybe

20"secret?" M:Only Liam knows I can sing, L:I'm batman

Well that was an interesting game I agree. I should warn you about my brother and his friends okay? Well he gets very jealous and over protective and angry when I'm with a boy he doesn't know ohh, I understand do you still want to sit with me? Yeah of course I do, we both smiled and walked out of science. Two periods down, three more to go!. We walked into the cafeteria, and we got ourselves some lunch. When we walked over to our group table, Louis was already there. Hey Spence and boy I don't know hey Lou, this is Luke and he's new here and be nice S, you know me, you have Liam to worry about. He was right. Louis is chilled out so you don't have to worry about him I whispered to Luke, he looked slightly relieved.

Harry and Niall arrived at the table, hello. They both gave Luke funny looks. Guys this is Luke, be nice he's new, hey mate harry said hi was all Niall said. Zayn arrived and he was pretty chilled out about Luke, he harry and Luke were all deep in convo about some boy thing. Niall didn't seem very happy with Luke's presence, I'm just worrying about Liam right now.

Hey guys Liam says, hey is repeated a vary of times. He was all smiles until his eyes landed on the unidentified male sitting next to me. I noticed how his knuckles were clenched and turning white and the death glare he was already given Luke. Who's this? He sounded very angry Luke, and he's new here I don't care, I don't want him here chill out mate Lou said. Do not tell me to chill Louis. I want him gone NOW! No! Spencer, don't push me no Liam, leave me the hell alone, I can talk to who ever the hell I want and If I want to talk to Luke I will. Now if you'll excuse us I said and got up dragging Luke with me. Where the hell do you think your going Spencer?! Anywhere away from you asshole. And we walked out.

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