Skater Boy

Brenda gets twisted up with the schools player, and everything changes for her. Can she change the school bad boy on time or will she fall for him?


3. ( Part 3 )

I woke up to hear sniffles. It was dark in the room. I must have fallen asleep. I move slowly looking for my phone. When I finally reach it, I hear the bed move and Alyssa gets up from the bed and leaves the room. I stood up from the floor to get my bag. I get my silk shorts, and a tank top. I make my way to the door when Alyssa opens it up. "Oh, you're awake," she says a little surprise. "Yeah, I was going to go change," I say looking at her. "Oh okay, well um you already know where the bathroom is," she say moving out of the way. I move past her and enter the bathroom.

When I left the bathroom, I walk slowly to the room, to hear her crying. I open the door slowly, and I hear her moving on the bed quickly. I walk in, close the door behind, and put my clothes in the bag. I make my way towards her bed and get on the other side. I can slightly see her, and I hug her from behind. She just hold on to my arm. She's my best friend, I know what she's going through, but I can't describe the feeling. We fall into a dreamless slumber.

*End of Back Flash*

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