Skater Boy

Brenda gets twisted up with the schools player, and everything changes for her. Can she change the school bad boy on time or will she fall for him?


2. ( Part 2)


"Sorry mom," Alyssa said when we enter the kitchen. Her mom comes over and handed us plastic plates, and we sat down. "Mom aren't you going to get some pizza?" Alyssa said noticing that her mom is about to exit out the kitchen. "No I'm fine, my food will be here in 10 minutes anyways," she said cheerfully. "Okay," Alyssa said. Her mom exit out the kitchen and Alyssa and I got out slice of pizza. "Don't forget to pray Alyssa," I said seeing her about to bit the pizza. "Yeah," Alyssa said. When we both finish our food we clean up and went back upstairs.

When we enter the room, Alyssa sat down and pick up her guitar. "What are you going to play tonight?" "I Swear This Time I Mean It by Mayday Parade," she says looking at her guitar. "That's a good song, now go," I say getting comfortable. She plays the song with so much heart and soul into it. As if she's speaking through her guitar. I was so into the song that I didn't hear my phone go off. "Brenda???" Alyssa said. "Yeah?" "You have a miss call," she said looking at me curious. "Oh," is all I could say. I get my phone from my pocket to see that I have a miss call from him.

I look at it for a long time. Not knowing what to do or think. Alyssa grab my phone to see who called. She was surprise to, but she eventually put my phone elsewhere and we decided to talk. I couldn't help but to still wonder why? Why did he call me? It's almost the end of the summer? Why now? Out of everything that happen the past year?



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