Skater Boy

Brenda gets twisted up with the schools player, and everything changes for her. Can she change the school bad boy on time or will she fall for him?


4. Class Time A/N

**** I didnt like how I wrote it last time, so I changed up this chapter. I hope you like it! Sorry I havent been on in like so long  ****

      "Brenda! ", Mallory said waving her hand in my face. "Yeah," I said snapping out of my thoughts. "You okay?", she ask concerned.  "Yeah, I'm okay," I said fixing myself up.  "Okay let's get to class then, shall we," she said.  "Yeah," I said putting on a smile. Alyssa, Mallory, and I walk to our class. Yeah, we have the same class together but as we came into the classroom, we made our way to the back corner. I sat right by the window, and admire the trees. Alyssa and Mallory just talk to each other while I was in my own world. 

     The teacher came in, and settled us down. As he spoke, everyone groans in the class.  " if everyone cooperates, this school year will go by fast," the teacher said. "It better!" I told myself, "The only thing I'm looking forward to is summer vacation."

      "Now let's begin with roll call," the teacher said looking down at his paper, that I had yet to even notice.  As the teacher took roll call, I zoned out. I was thinking about Alex. Why was he staring at me? He's the one that called me worthless after all.  He's the one that is dating the schools, slut.  "BRENDA!",Mallory says yelling yet whispering to me.  "Yeah?" I said seriously out of it.  "Are you Brenda A.?" The teacher ask with one of his eyebrow raised at me.  "Yes sir," I say feeling a faint color of red surfaces to my cheeks, from being the whole class center of attention.  "Well next time, please pay attention," he says calmly.  "Yes sir," I say letting out a sigh of relief out with that, he went on with roll call. I just decided to look at my schedule for school. Him let's see...

Periods.           Room #'s.         Teacher.         Subject 

1st.                       300                Martin               RELA      

2nd.                     600                Johnson            FP

3rd.                      208                Gonzales         Spanish 2

4th.                       315                Grace               Science

5th.                       307                 Hale               History

6th.                       304                 Ramirez       Math

7th.                       310                 Stern             Library

     After scanning it over a couple of times, I look up to see everyone is looking at the student at the door. Some girls are mainly drooling over him, but he was only starring atop one person in the room, and it  
      "Who are you?" The teacher ask a little annoyed due to the whole class just starring at him. "Um, I'm Alex, and I'm in this class, you're Mr.Martin, right?" he asked with his husky voice. With that, all the girly girls soon melt for it, and the guys just rolled their eyes in annoyance as well as the teacher. "Yes and you're late, find a seat," Mr.Martin said. Alex moves through the rows making his way towards a seat. With everyone still looking at him, he passed up Brenda, she could of sworn that they made eye contact.
    Okay, now everyone focus," said Mr.Martin. With that, time flew by, before I knew it, September passed by, and October was already ending.

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