Skater Boy

Brenda gets twisted up with the schools player, and everything changes for her. Can she change the school bad boy on time or will she fall for him?


7. Chapter 4

I'm sorry****


"Is there something, I need to know, Bre?" Mallory says, looking at my money. "No, why?" I say getting up cautiously. "Oh you know because, you have that much amount of money in your box and hand. Plus you have the box under your bed." Mallory says stating the obvious. Getting the hint, she was mainly throwing out there to me. I kick my box under my bed, where it won't be seen, I starred at Mallory in total shock.     "Are you stating something, like I'm a hoe?"  "Not really, well kind of..yes I guess." I rolled my eyes , shoving my money in my pocket and going to the bathroom to get my other things. I walk back in my room to see Mallory talking on the with her dearest boyfriend Brandon. They are literally the most cutest couple!!! He's so funny that he sometimes checks out guys with us and be girly.       "I'm not wearing this," I say walking out of the changing room. "Just spin around, loser," Mallory says twirling her finger in a circles. Sighing, I did what I was told, but my eye caught a glimpse of the new guy from our school starring at me intensely. I felt the rush to my cheeks That's it, I spin around on my heels and made my way back towards to dressing room.       I give the costume one last glance in the mirror before removing it. It was maid, it was okay,but it wasn't to my liking's. The skirt was a little too short, that if I tried to hug anybody, everyone behind me will probably see my ass. I grab the cat costume, and I begin to put it on. I walk out to see Mallory talking to the new guy. I hide real quick, but the dumb tail was showing! "Brenda, get over here. I want you to meet my friend from 3rd grade. I walk out, in the cat costume, back as a raven, soft as a cloud. The guy eyes shot wide open, and Mallory was smiling like an idiot.       I hear a few whistles and that was enough for me to feel insecure. I look over to see Alex and his friends smiling and laughing. He shoves his friends in friendly way, he looks at me and mouths a 'sorry'.      "Brenda, I want you to meet Kevin," Mallory says smiling still. "Hi," I say. He have a nice , broad shoulders, beautiful brown eyes that shine like a star, his perfectly straighten teeth that are as white as a clean white bunny. Did I mention, I'm not good at comparing things. Oh, and his hair is a dark brown, you can tell he just got his hair cut because, there are some pieces of cut hair on his shoulders. Perfect jaw lining like Taylor Lautner, and he's taller than me.    "Hey," he says shyly. "Anyways he's going to the Halloween Party!" "Oh, you're going?" he ask surprise. "yes because, she's forcing me to go." "Oh, well I hope I see you there," he says. After speaking for a little while longer, we said our goodbyes.     "OMG, he totally wants you!" Mallory says smirking. I wave it off, Nah." "Yea right, I saw the way he was looking at you," Mallory says winking. "Well I am in a cat costume after all, and did not hear those guys whistle at me?" I ask smiling like an idiot. "Yeah because you look hot." Mallory says raising her hands in the air. We walk out of the store laughing , I didn't get anything, so we just walk to another costume store.     " Coma Costume Store...sounds alright lets check it out," I say pulling Mallory to it. We are welcome by a gush of cold air hitting our body.. "Isn't that Brandon?" I ask Mallory pointing to a guy in the Reaper Costume. "OMG I think that is!" Mallory says dragging me now to him. "Brandon!" Mallory says happily. "Mallory!" Brandon says embracing her with a hug. "What are you doing here?" he asks her after kissing her cheek. "We are here trying to find Brenda a Halloween costume," she says blushing. I think her face just might get stuck for staying like that for to long.      "Oh well I'll go with you," he says letting go of Mallory. "You don't have to," I implied, "You can finish your costume shopping if you like." "No it's okay really, I already have a costume, I just wanted to play around." "With who?" Mallory and I both ask at exactly the same time. "Eduardo and Kevin," he says awkwardly. "Oh, well I'm going to go find some costumes to try on," I say backing away slowly. Mallory is not a fan of Eduardo, but that's a different story.     "That's the one," Mallory says standing up happily. "I don't think so," I say looking at myself in the air. "OMG! GORGEOUS!" Brandon says in his high pitch girly impression voice! "Y'all are idiots," I say walking way in the bunny costume. I change back into my regular clothes, and walk out. That was the fifth costume I tried on. "Fine, but we are going to the mall then."       "It's beautiful!" Mallory says happily. I look at myself to witness the black dress. The bottom part was puffy with glitter on it followed by the stretchy belt, attach to the dress. On the top there was more glitter and no straps. It was not too short, but it was just right. "I like it." "Yay, now we both have costumes," Malory says showing off her angel costume. The angel of God, and I on the other hand, I am dress up as the Reapers daughter.        "Yes, so now lets go pay for these costumes," I say walking fast to the dressing room. "Wait," Mallory says. I stop in my tacks, turning around to see her getting her phone out. "Pictures really?" "Yes now get your ass over here, Bre!" "Fine," I walk very slowly to her, I smirk as I see her getting impatient.
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