Skater Boy

Brenda gets twisted up with the schools player, and everything changes for her. Can she change the school bad boy on time or will she fall for him?


9. Chapter 4 (Pt.3)


     "Ew, don't you have any  for yourself? Like really?" "A matter of fact I do, thank you very much," Justin grabs a slice of pizza and eats it in two bites. "Leave Justin, we are trying to watch a movie here," Mallory says annoyed. 

    "Girls wake up!" Mallory mom says shaking Mallory and I awake.  My eyes flutter open, and I look to see what time it is. "It's only twelve o'clock," I say stuffing my face into the pillow.

    "Exactly, I made you girls pancakes." I rolled over, and got up too quickly. I quickly regain my balance, I held on to my head before making my way to the bathroom. When I finish getting ready, I made my way downstairs. 

   "Thank you for breakfast," I say finishing up my plate. "You're welcome," Mallory mom says smiling. I get up to clean my dish, after I finish, I walk over to the living room to find something to watch. 

   Ten minutes later, Mallory comes downstairs to get her breakfast. I finally found a show to watch. The day was going by slow but when it hit 4:30pm, we started to get ready. "Mallory I'm nervous," I say playing with a strand of my hair, while she's curling the rest. "There is no reason to be nervous Brenda, it's just a Halloween Party," Mallory says twirling one of my curls and releasing it. 

   "Maybe, but what if I don't know anybody else there beside you, Brandon, Marissa, and Darrell. "Ew, don't even bring up Darrell," Mallory says making a gagging face. I laugh a little, feeling a little weight lifting of my shoulder. We both finish our makeup and Mallory did both our hair, we arrived a little late to the pack party, but it was worth it.

    Sadly as I was passing through the crowd, I see Darrell push my dearest friend against a table behind them. Marissa hops up on the table and Darrell immediately spreads her legs, and wraps them around his waist. I'm truly disgusted. Marissa does have a big butt for such a short girl and that's the only reason I think Darrell likes her. Which bothers me greatly. As if on cue, his hands travels down her back grabbing her ass and they're still sucking each others faces. Marissa pushes Darrell hands off of her and backs away from his face. He is practically drooling, however  he is trying to find his lips a comfy home once again. She pushes him away, and jumps off the table. Darrell slides his hand around Marissa's waist again and whispers something in her that makes her laugh. She pushes him playfully, as she turns her head to the left, she sees me in the crowd, and she pushes Darrell completely off of her and begins to make her way towards me.

      "Oh jeez," I say to myself. "Hey girly," she says joyfully. "You look HAWT!" She shouts over the loud music. Darrell is behind her looking down. He knows I don't like him, and Marissa knows it too. She pulls Darrell a few feet away from me because, I'm giving him the death stare. She says something to him, but I couldn't hear what it was due to the loud music. He makes his little pouty puppy face and she smiles, kissing him and then walks back towards me. 

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