Skater Boy

Brenda gets twisted up with the schools player, and everything changes for her. Can she change the school bad boy on time or will she fall for him?


8. Chapter 4 (Part 2)

***                                                                            Chapter 4 is dedicated to my Best Friend Mallory                                                                                                                 ***

 "Really," Mallory says annoyed. "Pretty much, yeah." I smiled but it quickly faded away, when Mallory started walking towards me. I walk towards her as well, but I mimic her attitude,"Stop," she said trying not to smile and attempt to stay annoyed.I laugh finally allowing her to take a picture. 
   "Is it almost time? MY head is killing me!" I say agitated, trying to ignore the headache I was soon to get by the strong scent of chemicals. "Chill lucky ass, just ten more minutes, and then voila. Perfect." "I'm probable going to be crash out by then," I say looking at her. "Just stay clam, and I will tell you when it's time to wash your hair." "Ugh but the agony!" I say sitting on the bed. "Just think about it. Your hair is going to look amazing. Plus you have one more minute left," Mallory says looking down at her phone. 
    "Not cool!" I say pouting. "Just get your clothes ready." I grab my clothes from my bag, and went to the closet to get a towel. I stubbornly walk into the bathroom, throwing my clothes on the counter by the sink. I lock the door to the bathroom and started to undress. 
    "Stay still!" "No its okay, you don't have to help me Mallory, I got it," I say,  moving away from Mallory with the brush. "No you don't." "Do to." "Who told you that lie?" "You did like actually five minutes ago." "Ugh fine then." After properly brushing my hair for ten minutes, i started to blow dry it.
    "OMG, you look beautiful!" Mallory says smiling as I open the bathroom door completely. I reveal my new hair color, which is jet black , just like the midnight sky when the moon and stars are not shinning. "Thank you," I say grabbing my bag and putting my clothes in there. "Now lets go downstairs, mom bought us pizza, and I already set up the movie we are going to watch." " That sounds like a game plan," I say walking towards her door. 
     "You have to be kidding me," I say reading the movie title, while sitting down comfortably on the sofa. "Nope! We are going to watch Friday the 13th!" Mallory says turning off the lights, and sits on the sofa opposite of me. During the movie, Mallory and I have become really scared. I took another bite of my pizza and toss it back in the box, so I can save it. 
     "BOO!!!" someone says in a loud scary voice, with a big hit on my sofa. My first reaction was to scream and jump on Mallory's seat. In union, Mallory and I screamed in fear, we both hug each other tightly. "JUSTIN, YOU ASSHOLE!!!!" Mallory yells at her older immature brother. He's actually my age but just a month older then me. He jumps over the sofa and takes my seat. "Hello, I was sitting there.." I said very annoyed. "Sorry honey but if you snooze, you lose," Justin says smirking. "I still can't believe girls like you with that snarky attitude," I say rolling my eyes. "Well believe honey," he says winking while showing off his million dollar smile. 

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