Skater Boy

Brenda gets twisted up with the schools player, and everything changes for her. Can she change the school bad boy on time or will she fall for him?


6. Chapter 3


     "Girls, I'm home," I heard my dad yell from downstairs. Mallory rush downstairs to go speak to him. I just stubbornly get up, and took my sweet time going downstairs. "Can Brenda sleepover at my house. Please, please, please. Por favor, por favor." "I never knew you could speak Spanish," I said walking half way down the stairs.
       "Calm down, calm down. Now what were you trying to tell me?" "For Brenda to spend the night," she says trying to muster up the most innocent smile, that she can pull. "I don't know... Do you have any homework, Brenda?" "No," I said partly lying.
       "Then I guess, it'll be alright," he coughs to clear his throat," What are y'all girls going to be doing? It is Halloween tomorrow. No crazy parties, I hope." "nope," Mallory says streching out the 'o'. " We're going to be watching Friday the 13th and eat popcorn." "No, Malloryis going to force me to watch scary movies with her! See, she's trying to kill me!" "Oh hush, you'll love it." "Ha ha, then it's okay with me, if its okay with your mom, Mallory." 
       "Go call your mom!" Mallory says eagerly. "He means your mom!" I protested. "Oh, okay." she says smiling. Mallory takes out her phone, and calls her mom. 

Mallory phone call:
"Hello?" mallory mom says.
"Mommy, can Brenda stay the night,"she says sweetly.
"Uhhh, okay fine," her mom says.
"Yay! Kay bye!"

Mallory says and hangs up. "She's okay with it." "Alright that's fine then." "Yas!" Mallory says fist pumping the air. "Of course we know she said yes. In that kind of matter she was on speaker after all. 

"Dad Halloween is tomorrow. " "And we will pee ourselves scared then," Mallory says enthusiastically. "Lord help me," I sai barring my face in my hands. "Halloween wasn't that bad when I was kid... You know, back in my days..." "We know, well I know. Your brothers and you would go and get frogs and slip them in girls Halloween bags without them noticing." "Ha ha yeah," he says scratching his belly. "Funny," Mallory says uncertain on what just happened. I swing my arm around Mallory's shoulder. Let's go upstairs, and youcan help me get my clothes ready." " Bye girls, " my dad says, making his way to the kitchen. Mallory runs upstairs, and I also run upstairs to catch up to here. "Alright," she says. "Okay what do I need? " " We need to find something hot... hmmmm how about sexy Kitty?" "Really? Does it look like I can possible provide that here for you? In my own room?" "Oh yeah, right oops." Its okay." " Okay well just get clothes and stuff then." "Okay and I'll find some cash in my room." 

"Alright." I beginning to get the important items of mine first. I check understand my bed to get my box and open it to get a small amount of cash.


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