Skater Boy

Brenda gets twisted up with the schools player, and everything changes for her. Can she change the school bad boy on time or will she fall for him?


5. Cahpter 2

     " Wait, so let me get this straight," I said astonished, looking at Mallory. "tomorrow is Halloween, and it feels like school just started a couple weeks ago." Mallory just looked at me, and rolled her eyes as if I just said something idiotic. It's not my fault for whining about Halloween, like come on! people have Halloween parties, and I'm going to be stuck at home, again. "Mallory," I whined. "I'm going to die of boredom!"

     " Well I have just the thing to save you from boredom."  She hands over a flyer to me. " It's a Halloween Party, it's a couple of blacks from my house, and we're going!"  "What if my dad won't let me go?" I looked at her sadly.  "What if I can't find anything to wear!" "Easy! We'll tell hime you're staying the night at my house and my mom can take us early to get costumes," she pouts," Please don't let me go alone." 

       " What if we can't find anything for me to wear? I'll be the laughing stock  for the rest of the school year!" I said lowering my head down ashamed. "Plus you know I would never let you be bu yourself at a party!" "We can always make something up. We can get a dress and say you're a 'Super Model!' Mallory gets a little to close to my likings, but right up in my face and smiles, as if she just found all the answers to solve the worlds problem. "So you're coming?" "If you can get my dad to allow me to spend the night at your house, then yes gladlt!" "Yaay! Let's go!" She runs to find my dad. " Woah! Wait right now?!" I yell out to her. I chase after her because, sadly she didn't hear me. 

   I see her looking around the kitchen. "Mallory! Slow down next time! I could of trip and broke my neck or something!" 

I said finally catching my up to her, and taking deep breaths. "Sorry, we don't have much time, Halloween is tomorrow." " I know but still." " Where is your dad?"  She ask checking the cabinets and the fridge. "Well he's not in there, I can tell you that. " I said leaning against the counter. " You never know,"she shrugs. " Where is he?" I rolled my eyes, and looked around. Maybe he's hidding from us?" I said sarcastically. " Come out, come out wherever you are!" She yells throughout the entire house.  

    " Haha  don't, you might scare him to death," I said laughing at her. " Ha ha then help me look for him." She grabs my arm and pulls me through the house. "Ugh. Do I have to?" I asked annoyed. "Yes!" " Wouldn't it be easier if we just call him though?" i asked stopping in my tracks. Tugging her to stop too. " Why didn't you say that earlier?" 

   " Call him!" " I would have, but I was to busy catching my breath, remember?" " Oh yeah. Ha ha sorry." " Yeah, 'sure you are," i said glarring at her. Mallory just smiles and lughs awkwardly.  I rolled my eyes, and I simply pull out my phone and dialed his number. After a few short rings, he answers, and I just casually ask him where he was at.  

  After a while I hung up the phone, and I look around. 

  " Well what did he say?" " I don't want to say it." I said looking at the floor. " Then lets brainstorm ideas what you should go as tomorrow." She said trying to force a smile. " FIne but we are going to my room, and you can ask him when he gets here." I said walking forward to the stairs. " Okay." She heads for the stairs. " So I was thinking something sexy ha ha." " Oh great," I muttered to myself. Mallory laughs and goes straight to my room. She heard me, oh my gosh. 



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