Skater Boy

Brenda gets twisted up with the schools player, and everything changes for her. Can she change the school bad boy on time or will she fall for him?


1. 1st Day Back (Part 1)

       "Eww look like the freak decided to come back", I heard the school slut say. With that I put on my earbuds and blast my music on. As I was making my way towards my locker, I got push into the lockers, and I fell on my a$$. I pull out my earbuds to see the slut. In her tight pink tank top, with her fake boobs popping out, wearing the shortest shorts I've ever saw her in so far, with her Barbie blonde hair, the Gucci pink high heels, and not to mention her cupcake face. 
             "You answer me when I call you. You got that. You FREAK!" she says, bending down, with that she stood up, wiped her shorts off and turns away.
            "Whore" I say loud enough for her to hear me.
            "What did you just say, you little brat?" she says sooo confused.
            "You heard me" I say getting up. "You're a whore. Do you need me to spell it out for you? W-H-O-R-E."
            "You little b*tch!", she said. "You're going to get it!" She comes at me, but before she can "hurt" me, her man-whore of a boyfriend came. 

         "Whoa babe, there's no need to hurt someone so worthless," he says smirking at me. He holds Ashley by her side. "Come on babe lets go." With that the leave, and so does the crowd, that I barely even notice. 

      I walk towards my locker, I couldn't help, but to look back. I felt a pair of eyes on me, and when I turn back it was Alex. I turn away, and just continued walking to my BEST-FRIENDS.

            "Hey sexy," I say approaching them.
            "Hey my badass of a friend," Mallory said.
            "Hey there bre, how was the name calling to Ashley?", Alyssa said smirking.
            "Amazing, thanks for asking," I say with a grin.
            "Sorry we couldn't help, you told us NOT to help you, when you're making her life miserable as well," Mallory says opening her locker right beside mine.
            "It's okay because, I don't want y'all to get in this," I say opening my locker.
      Alyssa just lays her back on the lockers, just staring at the ground. She hasn't been the same since she found out about her ex-boyfriend cheating on her one day, and breaking up with her on the same day as well. She cried in her room for days, literally days. When she finally had the strength to come out she promise not to cry over a guy that's not worth her time. I know she didn't keep the promise because, one night I came over to sleep over.


      "Hey sexy beast, I'm here," I tell Alyssa over the phone.
           "Ha ha hey bre, let me go downstairs ," she says laughing.
         "Aye, I know you're smiling," I s
          "Are you stalking me now?" I hear her say over the phone.
          "No,it's just that I know you so well, that I can hear your smile," I say happily.

 "Then you know me too well," she says. "I know, now come open the door before I freeze to death out here!!"
            "Oh yeah right! I'm coming!" 
      She ends the call and, I can literally hear her run downstairs. I also heard a tumble and I couldn't help but laugh. She open up the door and her hair is mess up. That's it I couldn't hold it in. I laugh my a$$ off. 
          "Ha ha very funny," Alyssa said fixing her hair.
My stomach hurt so much, that I fell on the floor, clutching onto my stomach for my dearest life. "Calm down Brenda! Before you die of laughter!!!" she says laughing at me. 
   After laughing, that feels like ages. I take deep breathes, and I enter her house, to be welcome by her mom.
           "Brenda you're here," she says with open arms.
           "Hi Mrs.A," I say hugging her. 
          "You know you can always call me mom," she says breaking the hug. 
          "Ha ha yes ma'am," I say cheerfully. 
          "Well y'all to go upstairs, I'll be down here, if y'all need me." Alyssa and I walk to her room, to be greeted by her puppy.
          "Cherry!!!" I said picking up the girl. I pet her and laid my stuff on the floor.
"So how you been Alis?" I ask concern. 
          "I've been good," she says looking down. 
          "Come on you can tell me, I'm not going to judge you." 
          "I know you're not Brenda, but it's true. I'm okay." 
          "Fine," I stop right there because I know she doesn't like us fighting. I know she's hurt but I have to try and find a way to help me. 
  "Pizza's here!!!" We heard from downstairs.
        "You order pizza?" I ask mischievously. 
        "No I order lasagna," Alyssa said like a smart a$$. I put Cherry on the ground, and  we both made a sprint to the kitchen.
        "Y'all both know, not to run downstairs," her mom says.  




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