Harry's baby girl

Hi my name is Paige leigh Matthews my best friend was Louis Tomlinson we lived next to eachother growing up in Doncaster. It all changed when he left for the x factor next thing you know he has forgotten about me and I just had Harry Styles daughter , Stella Marie Styles. When life hands you lemons definitely don't make lemonade, it's sour. I'll have to teach Stella that if she ever meets her dad a global super star. Harry Edward Styles.But shhhh don't tell it's a secret until he finds out.


14. what .

Harry was home with Braxton . They were playing catch in the front yard. Harry came up to the door with Braxton in his sweaty hands he handed him to and ran to take a shower. I smiled and sat on the floor with Braxton. Ainsley knocked on the door.  I opened the door and wrapped crying Ainsley in a hug.  I sat on the couch as Braxton played with toys and Stella sleeped soundly in her swing and blanket. Aoinsley then blurted the most crazy thing.

" Paige, Niall, he, he ddumped me for D d demi Lavato... "

" oh Ainsley it is ok you c an make it with out him " 

Ainsley looked at her stomach and broke down into more tears. " no Paige, I I I'm pregnant, it was a mistake we did not mean to. Nnnow he's gone oh Paige, he kicked me out, she looked at sleeping Paisley who was in her carrier. 

I wrapped her in a hug not beleving that he did that. I offered her the spare room she accepted gratefully as Harry came down the stairs while shagging his hair.  He kissed mine and Ainsley's cheek then sat down with Braxton. He noticed Ainsley's tears and she told him what happened. I then heard a knock. I answered it as Harry was hugging Ainsley. I was met by someone locking their lips with mine and wrapping their arms around my waist. I pulled away and looked at Louis with disgust I yelled for Harry he came in and saw Louis he pointed towards Louis car and pushed him off the porch. He then shut the door and picked me up and kissed the top of my head. I asked Ainsley how far along9ng she was and she

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