Harry's baby girl

Hi my name is Paige leigh Matthews my best friend was Louis Tomlinson we lived next to eachother growing up in Doncaster. It all changed when he left for the x factor next thing you know he has forgotten about me and I just had Harry Styles daughter , Stella Marie Styles. When life hands you lemons definitely don't make lemonade, it's sour. I'll have to teach Stella that if she ever meets her dad a global super star. Harry Edward Styles.But shhhh don't tell it's a secret until he finds out.


18. what did I say ! ,

I mentally slapped myself after that thought. Zayn noticed my cheeks flush.  He frowned and creased his eyebrows. I immediately smiled to take the focus of me. Zayn gave me a weird smile then looked back into Stella's eyes. I sighed and got up. I walked to the kitchen and poured water into the tea pot then set it on the hot stove. I leaned my elbows on the counter and put my face in my hands. I pursed my lips and sighed and again. The bell dinged. I straightened up and poured the water in two cups. I put tea bags in each. I stirred both cups while thinking about Harry,  and Zayn. 

Zayn walked in with Stella in his arms . He set her in her highchair.  He took a sip of tea and sat down across from me. I looked at my feet. I heard Zayn shuffle.  I felt his hands lift up my chin then his lips meet mine. I was suprised, but still kissed back. I pulled away and said 

" Zayn, you can not tell anyone about that, ok ecspecially not Harry."

"To late for that" said a trembling voice by the door.

Harry sat Braxton down and ran upstairs. I followed him up. He grabbed his suitcase and started packing I started crying and yelling NO !!! While throwing the clothes he had already packed out. He gave up and looked up at me with tear filled eyes. I kept crying he finished packing and ran downstairs I followed him as he grabbed the door handle I shrieked NO HARRY PLEASE I NEED  YOU THAT KISS MEANT NOTHING!!  I grabbed his arm. He pried my fingers off his skin and slammed the door. I fell against the door crying. Zayn came over.he tried to help me. I shook my head

" No, Zayn, you need to leave. " he nodded and left. Ainsley walked in. She sat Paisley in her swing then Stella.  She took both swings upstairs. She grabbed the baby monitor and asked Braxton to play in his room. 

She helped me up and I explained everything that happened.  


I'm a horrible person.

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