Harry's baby girl

Hi my name is Paige leigh Matthews my best friend was Louis Tomlinson we lived next to eachother growing up in Doncaster. It all changed when he left for the x factor next thing you know he has forgotten about me and I just had Harry Styles daughter , Stella Marie Styles. When life hands you lemons definitely don't make lemonade, it's sour. I'll have to teach Stella that if she ever meets her dad a global super star. Harry Edward Styles.But shhhh don't tell it's a secret until he finds out.


26. oh my lorf so pathetic

4 days later the twins are now a week old. Today Ainsley, Liam, Paisley , Gavin and Brock are moving out. Harry helped them woth boxes as I got the twins dressed Emmi was in a blue dress with a Green butterfly on the bottom. She has a green pasifir in her moth Avia was in a pink dress with a purple butterfly and had a purple pasifir.  I picked out Braxton's outfit and he put it on. I dressed Stella in a purple and blue striped dress. I gave her a grey pasfir . I carried the twins down first then Stella. I set them all in bouncers in the living room then poured Braxton his cereal. I fed the twins their bottles in the rocking chair then set them both back in the bouncers. I took out Stella and took her to the kitchen. I fed her a bit of baby food then a bottle. Harry came in after they were gone and sat down next to me. He took my seat and helped Stella as I went upstairs to get ready. I took a shower then dressed in a white dress and brown belt then white flats I let my brown waves down and did my makeup. I went back downstairs. And picked up sleeping Avia. I took her back to her crib and laid her down. I set up the monitor and went back. Stella was in her bouncer watching tv while jumping. Braxton was on the couch on the ipad . Emmi was in Harry's arms next to Braxton. I sat on the love seat.  Today was the last day before Harry left for tour, he was taking Braxton cause it will be easier for me and because he is the oldest. I felt a tear roll down my cheek.  I quickly wiped it away. And sat my head on my knees. The tour lasted 9 months. I looked out the window at the traffic.  Harry walked over and kissed the top of my head careful not to wake Emmi. I looked up at him and smiled. I walked to the kitchen and started making Braxtons snack. Harry walked in and took off my ring I looked at him and he smiled.  Hey , Paige this ring is a promise you would marry me, he pulled out a box and opened it now this ring means you will marry me, he bent down on one knee Paige Leigh Matthews, will you marry me ?

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