Harry's baby girl

Hi my name is Paige leigh Matthews my best friend was Louis Tomlinson we lived next to eachother growing up in Doncaster. It all changed when he left for the x factor next thing you know he has forgotten about me and I just had Harry Styles daughter , Stella Marie Styles. When life hands you lemons definitely don't make lemonade, it's sour. I'll have to teach Stella that if she ever meets her dad a global super star. Harry Edward Styles.But shhhh don't tell it's a secret until he finds out.


6. dang it

I fell on the floor and cried after hearing the door slam . Louis frowned and pulled me back to my feet. He wrapped me in a hug and kissed the top of my head. Stella started to cry so I picked her up and took her upstairs I put her in her Captain america pajama wunzie and gave her a pasfir. I laid her down and grabbed  the baby monitor. I went downstairs and took Braxton's hand saying it was bed time. He nodded and yawned. I put him in cars pajamas then laid him on his bed. I kissed his head.  I turned the light off and came back downstairs after locking all the windows and pulling the curtains. I saw Louis had fell asleep on the couch so I decided to get into my pajamas. I put on my black and pink plaid pants and my grey jack daniel shirt. I put on my purple boot slippers I took off my makeup and brushed my hair. I took out my contacts and woke Louis up. I lead him upstairs and we fell asleep.

I woke up to Stella crying through the baby monitor. Me and louis both got up. I walked into Stella's room and picked her up as louis came in with Braxton on his  shoulders his curly brown hair infront of his hazel eyes. I laughed and took Stella into the bathroom I gave her a bath then put her in a pink dress with white leggings I clipped her few brown hairs back and then fed her a bottle then gave her a pink pasfir to suck on. Louis had just gave Braxton  a bath and he was in black jeans and a denard robinson jersey the michigan quarterback he was wearing black converse . I fed him some froot loops then set out the living room blanket and sat some toys out. I put Braxton down as louis put Stella in her swing I turned on the TV and louis put his arm around me.

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