Harry's baby girl

Hi my name is Paige leigh Matthews my best friend was Louis Tomlinson we lived next to eachother growing up in Doncaster. It all changed when he left for the x factor next thing you know he has forgotten about me and I just had Harry Styles daughter , Stella Marie Styles. When life hands you lemons definitely don't make lemonade, it's sour. I'll have to teach Stella that if she ever meets her dad a global super star. Harry Edward Styles.But shhhh don't tell it's a secret until he finds out.


21. 4 months later

Yesterday I turned 19. Stella is now 5 months old and 3 weeks ago Braxton turned 4. Harry just turned 20. I am now 4 and a half months pregnant, today I am going to find out the gender. Me and Harry are very happy together. And yes Ainsley had her twins, Gavin and Brock about two weeks ago.  Paisley is finnaly one and Ainsley is 19. Niall has not even talked to her but her and Liam are starting to hit it off making Niall mad. 

I got up from bed to see Harry had already took the kids to daycare or babysitters Scarlette's house. I walked to the bathroom and took a shower. I put on green dance sweatpants, oh how I miss dancing. Then a black shirt I put Harry's famous jack wills sweatshirt on and put my hair in a sidebraid. I put on concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and lipgloss. I grabbed my purse and went downstairs . Harry handed me a piece of toast as we were going to be late. 

When we got there me and Harry waited for about fifteen minutes.  Finnaly a short skinny blonde nurse called my name. Me and Harry walked in . Harry sat next to me holding my hand.  A tall brunette doctor smiled and started rubbing goo on my stomach.  It was cold. We looked at the monitor.

"Well, I can't believe we are just noticing this .  You are having twins ms. Matthews. I smiled " both girls " 

Harry hugged me. We told the doctor thanks and walked out.  On the way home we discussed names. How about Josie and Avia ? Hmm well I like Avia.

So Avia is one ? Asked Harry

 " Yeah how about Emmi ? " 

" I love it, Avia and Emmi " our little girls.

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