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1. the fight

It's nice of you to join us this evening my dear" mrs. Johannesburg says to me with a smile. " thank you for having me". I look over at Luke. He's messily eating his rice. I stare in discust when Eric says "has Emma asked about me..?" I look sadly at Eric. Emma is my cousin and her and Eric used to date before Luke and I. I look down at my plate "no..she hasn't mentioned anything..." Everyone suddenly stops talking and stares down at their food. All except Eric, he is staring at me like a lost puppy. After a few moments, Eric picks up his plate and leaves the dining room. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said any-" I go to say more but mrs Johannesburg buts in. "No it's alright sweetheart, he's still trying to get over her..". I look over at Luke WHOSES looking at me. "Let's go upstairs Emilee " I

Smile and thank his mother and father for dinner. We walk upstairs together. Aswe reach his room he slams the door shut. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT EM?!" I stare in awe. "YOU COULDVE LIED TO HIM AND SAID YES. THIS IS BREAKING HIM-"

"And us" I add.


I grab my purse and start to head out the door.

"Baby...I'm sorry he says" he grabs my arm and try's to pull me in.

" no I'm sorry" I pull away and walk downstairs to the door. I pull on my boots and leather jacket and race out the door.

I lay in my bed looking up at the ceiling. Checking my phone every once and awhile to see if Luke decides to message me. I cry when I think about him. I finally grab my phone and text Curtis . Curtis is my ex boyfriend. He's the first boy I ever loved. But a lot happened in those 6 months that made me change my mind about him. He changed. He changed me. I miss him still. I just don't know if it's him I miss or the memories. I dial Curtis's number in. "Hello.." His voice sounds boring and tired. "Curtis..?" Then I break down and tell him everything that happened. "Oh Em I just want to hold you..." "I miss you Curtis" "...I love you Emilee.." I pause. He then responds " meet me by the park near the movies." He hangs up. Although it's late, I decide to put my coat and boots on. I tell my mom I'm going to sleepover at Jenna's. I quickly walk past Jenna's house. I turn off my phone tracker so my last location will say I'm at her house. I continue to walk to the park. Luke will kill me once he finds out about this. I miss him so much...but I miss Curtis more. I turn the corner to the cat walk that leads to the park. I stop in my tracks. I look at my phone. 3 missed calls from Curtis. None from Luke. I guess Curtis cares more. I continue to walk, I see him. His curly, beach blonde hair, his hockey jacket with the #56, his cute freckles that he denies he has and of course his eyes. Exactly the same colour as mine, green and big. I run to him, he welcomes me with open arms. I leap into his arms. He smells like the cologne I got him last valentines day. He kisses me, I kiss him back. I've officially cheated on Luke. But I don't feel bad. Not at all.

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