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2. don't trust again

"I've missed you so much Em" I start to cry, "I missed you too" I stutter. "Come on it's cold out, let's go home" he warps his arm around me and we walk towards his house. "Don't leave me again" I say to him. "I didn't leave you, you left me.." He whispers out. It's silent for a moment. "I'm sorry...I just didn't know what to do...I-" "babe I know" he kisses me.

We arrive at his house, "is anyone home?" I ask. "No...dads at work and mom and sisters at my grandmas.." He leads me to the living room. He gestures for me to sit down on the couch. I do so. I lay down and he puts on pretty little liars. I smile weakly. He smiles brightly. "Do you want me to make you a hot chocolate?" He says as he puts a blanket around me. "Yes please" I smile. He goes into the I kitchen to make me a hot chocolate. I watch the show but I can't help but to think of Luke. I look over at my phone. It's on silent but I can see him trying to call me. The phone stops. It says 13 missed calls from Luke and 10 from Jenna. My stomach drops. I reach over and check my texts. Jenna: ERIN DONT TRUST CURTIS. DO NOT SEE HIM TONIGHT. I start to get scared. I sit up just as Curtis walks in with hot chocolate. I un cover myself from the blanket. " I don't think I should be here..." He drops the mugs holding our hot chocolate. He grabs my wrist. His nails digging into my skin. "Curtis!" I yell. He grabs me and pulls me over his shoulder. I kick and scream he tosses me down the stairs to the basement. I cry. I land at the bottom of the stairs. I can see his silhouette come down the stairs. "Why'd you have to ruin our lovely night" He slaps me. He helps me stand up. My nose bleeding. I cry into his chest. He strokes my hair. Then pushes me away. I cry even more. "Take off your clothes" he demands. "What?-" I cry. "Take your damn clothes off before I fucking kill you" I cry harder now. I take off my clothes till I only have a bra and thong on. I cry. He takes his shirt off. I know exactly where this is going. He's going to have sex with me. I try not to cry but it just pours out. He wraps me into a hug. I put my head into his chest. And cry. He starts to take my bra off. I scream. I squeeze out of his grip. I run up the stairs crying. He grabs my ankle. I slip and bang my head on the stairs and then I black out.

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