Who can I turn to? - Law and Order UK fanfiction

They hate her. She just knows it. And why not? She's messed things up for them all on several occasions. She doesn't belong there, never has. She doesn't belong anywhere - not anymore. When Kate is angry, upset and frustrated, who can she turn to? Can her old friend help her see sense and stop her making the worst decision of her life.


1. An old friends

AN: Law and order Uk fanfiction :) Because a friend wanted me to use some characters pre series 7 xxx


She was so angry at everyone that she didn’t care anymore; she didn’t care about her job. She didn’t care that they might never speak to her again – or at least she kidded herself that she didn’t. She’d lost a friend before and quite frankly she felt like she would be better off alone. She looked around her living room, she for a second was about to say to herself that she wanted to go home. She was home and yet it didn’t feel like it. She felt like nothing belonged to her. Everything just seemed wrong. She didn’t belong here. She didn’t belong with them. They’d made it obvious they’d all be better off if she wasn’t around. Maybe she should leave? That would cheer everyone up. She wouldn’t be there to annoy Jake, to jeopardise cases for him and Henry, to wind MIU up by just being there. Maybe she was over reacting but she couldn’t help it. This wasn’t her home, not anymore. Where would she go, though? Not back to Manchester. No, that would be a very bad idea. It would give her even less of an excuse not to visit her parents when what she really wanted to do was to pretend they weren’t there. Harsh? No. Harsh is having your arm broke in a spiral fracture and two ribs being cracked from falling down the stairs as a result of your father fighting for you as social services try and take you away when your parents are proved ‘unfit’ to take care of a child.

She went upstairs and fell back on her bed. After the day she’d had she just wanted to sleep; to shut her eyes. She was cold. She shivered as she rolled onto her side, only to be met by the picture that she kept on her bedside table. A photo of the people she’d leave behind. What had happened? Why had she walked out? She’d been so stressed at the time she wasn’t even sure of anything anymore. Maybe she’d feel better in the morning. Something her Granddad said to her when she was ill. ‘You’ll feel better in the morning Katie.’ Bearing in mind he used to say this when she’d just woken up she never had the heart to say that it was the morning…

Her iPhone was plugged in next to the picture, as she unplugged it she stared blankly at the screen for a few minutes before unlocking it. She tapped on her contacts. There was still one person she could talk to. Granted it had been a while since they last spoke, a couple of months in which she’d promised to text at least but hadn’t. She scrolled down the list of names until she came to the one she was looking for; an old friend. ‘Alesha Philips.’

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