I Froze As The Door Opened. A Girl Walked into the room, And Walked over to Liam. "Hi, I'm Liam's GirlFriend, Sophia."


1. Prolouge// Chp. 1


"What do You Mean she'll Ruin Your Reputation?!" I screamed At Liam


"I Couldn't Be Able To Take Care Of Her!" He Yelled Back 


I Took A Breath then looked back at Liam


"Is There Another Girl?" I Asked 


The Room Suddenly Went Quiet And Liam Looked Away 


I Was 7 Months Pregnant And He Already Had Found Another GirlFriend 


As We Stood There In Complete Silence The Door Opened


I Froze When A Girl Walked in, And She Walked over to Liam 


"Hi, I'm Liam's GirlFriend, Sophia." She Said 


As My Heart crumbled i studied her image 


Brown Hair, Brown Eyes....Not That Hard To Forget Unlike Me Who Had Eyes That Could Be Blue and Turn Green the next minute 


I Walked out of the room and saw all the other boys, Harry Looked At Me And Our Eyes Locked, I Wasn't in the mood so i walked on 


Harry Had Looked Sincere, And At That moment I wished in didn't have a huge 7 Month Pregnant belly


But I Knew One Thing For Sure, And I Knew I Wouldn't forget it 


I'll Remember You. Sophia.



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