The Missing Diary

Sarah Roberts,she has a diary that contain all her secrets.She would bring it everywhere with her,even the toiletThat's how precious it is.Then one day,she losses that diary,and just because of that she talked to her crush for the first time.

(A/N Yea I know not that much but hey,my second book here.I hope you guys would enjoy this story maybe be a short one,anyways... Luv you all.Bye ~ AL


1. Where's My Diary? Part 1

Sarah's POV

It's just after a long period of Maths,now it was time for lunch.I was sitting at my favourite spot,outside under a tree with nice fresh warm air,waiting for my best friend,Rose,that was getting our lunch.I was using headphones listening to my favourite band One Direction while reading the pages of my beloved diary,which contained all of my memories and secrets.

My dairy was just simple.It had a leather covering and was blue in colour.It was perfect in size with a nice amount of pages.In the inside,there was nice lined pages written with colourful coloured pens for each entry.It had doodles all over the pages,favourite pictures sticked in and a beautiful bookmark to finish it up.

"Hey," Rose said sitting down right next to me passing me my lunch.

I looked up closing my diary and taking my headphones off."Hey," I replied taking my lunch which was an apple,some pasta and a bottle of water.We both talked on what happened on our weekends while eating our lunch.

After what seemed for long hour of us talking the school bell rang with a loud 'RING'.We headed of to our lockers,that were right next each other,to take our things for the next period.


It was the end of school and was walking along the halls with Rose chatting up about a party that's happening this weekend.

"Guess who is hosting it," she made me guess.

"Umm.... Mason?" I asked her with hope.

"Nope," she said popping the 'p' at the end while shaking finger at me.

"Umm.... Garret?" I asked my hope falling.


"Then who the fuck is hosting the party?"

"Tyler," she said simply.

I looked at her raising my eyebrow,"You ain't fucking with me right?"

She held her hands up,"I'm serious okay.Tyler's hosting the party,and why would be fucking with you?"

We both came to a stop turning to our lockers putting our books and files in took our homework's with us.I took my diary to and held it on my side.I closed my locker and waited for Rose that was putting or shall I say reapplying her make up.

"Hey Sarah,do you want to hitch a ride with me to your house?' she asked me done with her make up.

"Umm," I thought about for while,"Nah,I'm just gonna walk."I said walking away from Rose.I heard a locker door closed and Rose appeared next to me.

"Dude don't leave me until we get to my car,"she told me.

I just nodded,and he rest of the walk was quiet until we got to her car."Well,bye.See you tomorrow" I simply said to her.

"Yea you too," she said getting in,driving away.

Well,I'm walking home.I made my way out of the school and walked down the sidewalk.I was walking for awhile enjoying the breeze.I should go to the park I mean my parents won't be at home and they won't mind.

I got into our towns park going to my usual spot on my bench.I sat down and took my pencil out and opened a blank page in my diary.I began to draw a scenery that has always appeared in my dream these days.

Once I was happy with the drawing I closed my diary and put it beside me on the bench.I put my headphones on and played my favourite songs on shuffle.My eyes began to droop a little and feel a sleep.


I woke up hearing 'Count On Me' by Bruno Mars as I recalled back where I was.

Oh yea,I'm at the park wonder what time is it.I looked at my watch and hell I nearly screamed.It's seven my mothers gonna kill me.I took my bag and ran out of the park feeling like something was missing.

(A/N So I hope you guys like the first chapter I know it's not that much but I just hope you guys would like it and that this just popped up in my head.I would love it if you guys would 




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