The Comment (kian lawley/O2L)

Layla Johnson, a regular teenage girl. Well she used to be, until she started to make YouTube videos. She became pretty popular and then, the one and only Kian Lawley commented on her video. They became friends and maybe more than friends a little later in the story.


1. The Comment


Layla Johnson is already the "most popular girl at school" as they say. What more could she want? Well nothing, she wants nothing.... well she does want one thing. She wants to be less popular. Why you ask? Well she hates the rumors, hates the attention and she hates getting blamed for all the rumors. So wouldn't you want to not be so popular anymore to? She just want to be a regular teenage girl, not popular, or anything above average.

If only they understood her. If only they knew the real Layla Johnson. She talks to her parents and tells them she wants to start over. As in move away have a new life. Make a new theme for her videos on YouTube. They are the only ones who understand her. They agree to let her move to California and rent the apartment for her, but except her to pitch in. Only because they think she is a mature 17 year old.

After that discussion with her parents she makes a video for YouTube, telling everyone she is moving and going to start making different videos. A couple hours later, while she's packing and reading some comments on her video, a particular one sparks her interest. She notices it's from the one and only Kian Lawley, one of the boys O2L.

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