The Comment (kian lawley/O2L)

Layla Johnson, a regular teenage girl. Well she used to be, until she started to make YouTube videos. She became pretty popular and then, the one and only Kian Lawley commented on her video. They became friends and maybe more than friends a little later in the story.


2. New Life

Layla's P.O.V.

"Mom! Dad!" I yell while walking down the stairs dragging my heavy bags behind me. I see them standing at the end of the hallway, watching me. "You know, a little help would be nice." I say holding back a smile. "Oh, yeah. Sorry." My dad mumbles, barely audible. He jogs over and takes a few and loads them in the taxi that's taking me to the airport.

After we get all my bags and cameras into the trunk we say our goodbyes, trying to hold back as many tears as possible. I wave bye to my parents as I drive away. I lean my head back and my phone vibrates in my back pocket. I get it out and see I have a text from Kian.

From- Kian✌️

Hey! I just wanted to know if you have left and what time I should be at the airport. Text or call me:).

To- Kian✌️

Hi! Yeah I'm in the taxi now! I'll probably land around 4 or 5 this evening. I'll text you when we are 30 min away. See you soon Kiki!!!

From- Kian✌️

Be there! Bye lays!

I smile to myself and already see the airport. "Here you go."I hand the driver his money and grab my stuff and go through all the airport crap, then finally I sit down on the airplane.

I wake up to the weird old lady next to me snoring. Really? Gosh. This is what headphones are for! I think to myself and put my headphones in and slowly drift off to sleep.

Once again I wake up to the weird old lady. She freaking woke me up! I smile politely and text kian.

To- Kian✌️

About 15 min away! See you soon!!

From- Kian✌️

Wow. Alright on my way!

Well, maybe this will go well. I walk off the airplane and look around. I keep walking and finally see the boy I've gotten to know all to well. Kian Lawley.

Sooo. Guys. How do you like it? Let me know, yeah? You should all like and comment etc..

Yes I know this is all in Layla's point of view!!


Sorry it's so short! But it's 2:15 in the morning here. I tried though.

My quotation marks didn't show up. Ughhhhhh


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