The Comment (kian lawley/O2L)

Layla Johnson, a regular teenage girl. Well she used to be, until she started to make YouTube videos. She became pretty popular and then, the one and only Kian Lawley commented on her video. They became friends and maybe more than friends a little later in the story.


5. Awkward.

Layla's P.O.V. 


      "Gosh I'm sooo full!" I whine and push my pizza away which gladly get taken by Jc. "Mmmm thanks lays!" I scrunch up my nose in disgust "Jc that's gross you dont know where my mouth has been!" he stops for a second and shrugs, continuing to eat it. I laugh and roll my eyes and glance at Kian, who happens to be taking selfies. "I wanna join!" he laughs and angles the camera so I can join. We make funny faces and all kind of other poses. "oh I wanna be a Koala!" I squeal and latch on to Kian and laughs as Ricky takes the picture. Kian smiles and  runs towards the house. 


      "Guysssss" I run down the stairs and almost trip over wishbone. "yeah?" Connor says, looking up from his computer. "I have my first meet and greet and you guys are coming with me because its at an amusement park and I'm not going to one alone!" They smile and end up agreeing to come. " Ok I'm tired. I'm going to go to bed now, night guys!" I walk back upstairs and peek my head in kians room and walks in. "hey Kiki." He looks up and smiles "hi lays. Whats up?" I shrug and look around his room "nothing much I was going to sleep but I dont know if i'll be able to sleep. I miss my parents." He nods and pulls me in for a hug. I hug him back and smile. "thank you Kian. Your to sweet!" He blushes and plays with my hair. 


      "You know your beautiful right?" I blush and look up at him and shake my head no. "I'm not Kian." He nods and kisses me. I eventually kiss back but pull away with a blush... "I-I erm I have to go..." I run out and close my door and slide down the door. "wow..." I whisper and smile to myself. I walk over to my bed with a smile plastered on my face. I curl up and fall asleep fast. 




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