The Comment (kian lawley/O2L)

Layla Johnson, a regular teenage girl. Well she used to be, until she started to make YouTube videos. She became pretty popular and then, the one and only Kian Lawley commented on her video. They became friends and maybe more than friends a little later in the story.


4. Apartment... AKA. Kians house.


Wow. I knew she was beautiful... Just not this beautiful. "It's nice meeting you too! How was your flight?" I ask, looking down at her due to her only coming right under my chin. "It was good! Accept this old lady was really annoying." She laughs as the old lady walks by and whacks her in the head with her purse. "Hey!" She says failing to contain her laughs. I laugh and she glares up at me but starts laughing again. "Well that was awesome. I've always wanted to see that happen to someone in person." "Really?" "No." "Oh." "Kidding!" We laugh and I take her bags and put them in my trunk. "Ready?" She nods and buckles up. (ALWAYS BUCKLE UP KIDS! YOU CAN BE SEVERELY INJURED IF YOU DONT!!!)

We pull up in my driveway since she lives next door and I carry her stuff over. "Seriously?!?" She screams at her phone and looks up with tears in her eyes. "What is it?" I ask and give her a hug. "S-someone offered a larger bid in this house and now I have no where to live!" I hold her closer and puff out a breath. "Well you could live with me and the boys... They won't mind, trust me." She chuckles and nods. "If you don't mind..." I nod "it's fine I promise."

"Boys?!?" I yell and laugh as I hear them run down the stairs. "Kian!" Layla squeals and hides behind me. "Is she here?" Jc asks and looks around. "Yeah." I chuckle and move and she waves awkwardly. "Hi." She smiles and opens her arms and they run up to her and they all group hug, as I snap a picture. They all groan and look at me. "What?" I say innocently and grin.

"What are her bag doing here? I thought she was living next door." Connor asks. "Oh yeah. Long story short someone bought that house next door and it isn't her. "Oh." He nods and plop on the couch. "So Layla. We have a extra room and then after that we can all get pizza?" I ask hoping she'll agree. "Yeah! That sounds amazing I'm starving!" She smiles and grabs a bag. "Can you show me where I'll be sleeping?" I nod and grab the other two bags and lead her to the guest room.

"Mine is right across the hall and jc's is to your left and Ricky's is at the end of the hallway... Connor usually lives in the living room but his to your right." I smile and carry the stuff in her room. "Thanks again Kiki, for letting me stay here." I smile and hug her again. "It no problem, don't sweat it okay?" She nods and returns the hug. "Just meet us downstairs when your ready to go." I smile once more and walk down stairs.


Oh my gosh. He's sooo hot. I try not to show my already growing feelings for him. This is lovely! This bedroom is life. I mean come on! There is a mini fridge in here! My own bathroom! And a huge walk in closet, plus a ginormous flat screen tv!! I walk into the bathroom and grab my toothbrush and brush my teeth again. Ewh. I look horrible!

I touch up my makeup and re curl my hair in all under 15 minutes! Record! I smile at my reflection and run to my bag to change. I put on a shirt that says #lionking and some black ripped skinny jeans and my black vans. I walk out grabbing my phone, but run back in my room to put my flannel shirt around my waist then run downstairs.

"Ok. I'm ready." I smile and blush as they stare at me. "Are we walking?" I ask hoping to get a response out of one of them. "Erm. Yeah..." Kian says and walks out. "Ok." I giggle and follow him and wait for the other boys. "Guys... We have to link arms and skip together and scream one direction to the tops of our lungs!" I say smiling. They all agree and we link arms, skip and belch out 1D lyrics.

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