One of Us

The Crimson Crow's are horrific creatures, terrible creatures, set out to turn you into one of them, without you realising-their method? Your nightmares, your dreams, so much that you stop sleeping and start to see them in real life. You start to see yourself as one of them, you can't help but turn and leave your family behind. And it all started with a plague.


1. Prologue-1665, year of the Black Death.

        We were normal once. Normal children, normal adults, with perfectly normal lives, until he came and ruined it all-with him, he brought death to our people, our children, family, and friends. So we are going to make others pay for what he did to us. We are going to make others talk like us, speak like us, look like us-and we are going to do it the worst possible.

   We are going to make you, your families, your friends and your children ONE OF US!

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